Medicine and berserkers

Well, I wanna talk a little about berserkers. What if they armour has a specific modules like armour of heavy and tech guys? If I remember that piece of lore right, berserkers fightings on arenas of Anu settlements, being drugged with some various strong chemicals. But in-game we have only big drugtank on back of berserker’s armour. And this is why their armour provides that speed-bonus and a little accuracy disadvantage as I understand. But what if that tank could contain various drugs? I.e., berserker’s armour would not provide bonus of speed anymore by itself. But it can be equipped by one of several modules. It can be module with old jolly speed boosting chemicals, other variant can be defensive chemicals - providing damage resistance or armour or using to heal some gen. health and limbs. Or, it can be offensive drug providing some bonuses to damage or shred or something else to be more deadly.

P.S. I don’t know about type of bonuses. Maybe they must be temporary like additional abilities, maybe constant. As I understand, berserkers are constantly drugged in combat with they current armour. Well, they have really big containers with chemicals on their backs. Also, we can adding one-using injectors with this chemicals as like as we have frenzy stimpacks in game already.


Very nice idea!


Nice idea since Berserker is fast but one of weakest units!
Use official tool to propose it as feedback so people can vote and it can make it in game.
Discussion here does not make it a possibility / just a discussion

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Um… what tool? I never used it before and even don’t know about it.


It’s pinned on top of this forum:

Or direct link:

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See examples of here of my recent 2 proposals. Explore. Vote. Create your own. You can use forum to draw some more votes and discuss.

Other users can easily create one for you if you fail (go to feedback and then create one), but its better feeling to do it on your own. As usual you need to register, but quick reg using Gmail, FB etc. works.

Make Forsaken and Pure Fractions

Phoenopeia could be richer

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I also like this idea, but for my self I have explained the possibilities that the ‘Drugtank’ can provide to Berserkes are underlying in their skillset. The problem is that these skills are also usable when he uses any other armor, for instance the flat out better Anu Assault armor (same speed bonuses but more armor and no penalties on accuracy).
With your suggestion on the other side, if some choosable boosts are coming from the Berserker armor, then any class can use them. Could be very interesting and makes this armor a viable choice not only for a Berseker.
That said, also from me: :+1:

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Yes, class armor with more added abilities *limited per battle would be good.

Its kind of weakest unit, except in close Marduk Fist combat >:)

Will vote for it!

Leave a link here once its set

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Nah … the whole skill set of the Berserker gives him good abilities. These makes this class strong not only in close combat melee but also in many other situations, even without personal traits or dual class. Ever equipped an Berserker with Synedrion pistol and (ab)use Armor Break? Fancy results with a reliable hit chance even on mid range.

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Well, Yes Armor Brake and strong pistol make it kind of usable, but too weak to withstand late enemies. Talking about real Beserker, as add on class some abilities are very helpful, like close evasion etc.

Everything is as good as you make use of it, I use technician class less even it has its merits. Depends on playstyle and I kind a miss limit of 8/9 units per battle as more brings more combinations to the game and makes better squad tactics.

His Close Quarter skill (-25% damage when in close range) can absorb a good amount of damage and makes him very tanky even in his low armor. Additionally on top Ignore Pain and then you can also go further with a better armor, for instance the NJ Assault armor (more armor, lesser speed).

But I have also to admit that I normally don’t use them that much. And I always switch their armor ASAP right after the pistol, the armor is simply bad compared to others and the Anu pistol is too inaccurate for mid range (close on I always prefer melee).

When I have one or two in my team, they almost do a good job as long as I don’t concentrate on melee only and give them a good pistol. Very flexible, good supporter on mid range and devastating in close quarter. When I then have on top good personal traits or do dual class them, then … well, then we are going the route to some of the more OP side of the game. :wink:

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Pistol? No, I like use armour break with explosives. It can shred armour more than one unit and almost cannot missing. And usually shred armour on several limbs. It can be useful against big targets and makes more easy tearing apart several limbs for vast deadly bleeding.

And thanks for link on feedback tool.


Nice tip! Never knew it can be combined with explosives. Now on, berserker is my favourite grandaier :slight_smile:

Of course explosives, how I have missed that … as I said, I used Berserks also not that much. :slight_smile:

The Synedrion pistol is good for pearcing special parts on bigger enemies from distance and I used it against Scyllas from pretty far away, I think even out of range for hand thrown grenades. But in combination with Quarterback or a heavy of course. One of my early favourites till I go the Infiltrator way with double damage. Why shredding when I can can kill the mob directly?

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Yeah, there no need to shred, when you can just kill. But usually I play a little sadistic. Tearing down some limbs of closest or most dangerous enemies and making them almost or completely useless in combat. And then I get next ones while first dying from bleeding or bleeding and poison. Especially love blow off sirens’ brains and then making them running around in panic because of low WP and dying allies or/and virus. While unholy siren blood is running out. That what they deserves for all their psyker stuff.


Kind of like the Mountable items we have already? Neat idea, that would eat up a slot on the Berserker Armor. :smiley:

Kind of like the Mountable items we have already?

Yes. That exactly what I meant.
By the way, I created proposal on official site.


I find the Berserker / Assault combination to be incredibly powerful, especially with bionic torso that allows all melee attacks to take one point.

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There is one good feature of the berserker armor: the helm provides +10 perception. I find low-level berserkers to be useful scouts when you don’t have any soldiers with the perception bonus perk. That extra spotting distance makes a big difference in night missions, which can make up for the lack of striking power.

I’ve learned to appreciate the virtues of the hand cannon. Sometimes that 10 shred and good damage is what you need, and it’s not quite as inaccurate as it once was.


Ah yes the Berserker’s Aksu armour AKA Bane pyjamas. If you look closely at Taxiarch Nergal’s portrait he seems to have a fancier version of it, wish we could have had that design instead.

At the moment the Aksu armour gives no speed advantage over the Acolyte armour despite having a worse armour rating and all the IV tubing pumping in green coloured drugs. The only advantage the Aksu armour has over the Acolyte armour is that the Aksu helmet gives a larger bonus to perception, but is an extra perception bonus something that really fits with the Berserker’s role?
I remember how in Backer Build 5 the Aksu pants at least gave +4 to speed instead of +3 to speed.

I do wish that the drug tank on the back of the Aksu torso armour acted as a separate piece of equipment insertable into the mount slot of Aksu torso armour or torso mutations. It could provide a stim auto-injection passive or active ability for the Berserker class to use, with several different types of drug tanks to choose from filled with different stim drugs with different effects. Have it so that the Berserker class has a unique proficiency to use it, in a similar way to how only the Heavy class has proficiency to use jetpacks.

The Priest Class Amphion armour has similar issues as well, that little backpack thing with the hooped cables and dual arches extending out behind the back of the Priest Amphion torso armour, in my opinion should act as a separate ‘Psychic Amplifier’ mount attachable to Priest armour, that provides the Priest with bonuses to psychic abilities, instead of the armour simply giving perception bonuses. Otherwise, there is no good reason for Priest-class operatives to actually wear Priest Amphion armour instead of wearing anything else.