Mec-unit or some kind of autoloot

Hi all, new here. I waited to play test, so I did not wanted to be burntout with the game.
Mec-unit is for me the most useless unit as for now. Especially when it leaves its turret when you win a map. I could understand this if I did a wild retreat, but not after a victory.
Same with loot boxes you find in the game, either give me the choice to stay on the map to open them and gather the stuff. Or simply give me an autoloot.

The two units i like most is the core infantry, and the sniper. The heavy is no use until my Inf, gets to chose a new class then I upgrade them to heavy. They get perfect fly, and have the Inf skill when they land to get an extra turn. Snipers guard the line 2-3 owerwatch snipers are so deadly.

I cant wait until this game release.

the turrets are supposed to be automatically collected after the missions, but that is currently bugged.


Because with all explosives and sparse resources you can eliminate enemies easily. So you don’t need healing. Previous builds have shown that Technician is most wanted class with it’s healing capabilities. Of course having 8 heavies is better than having 8 technicians, but I think that team without technician is way less flexible than team without heavy. BTW. 8 turrets with Turret Combo skill is the most powerful attack right now (with infinite ammo if you remember to re-deploy them).

Remember that those boxes are not for you to take “just like that”. There will be haven defenders, and looting those crates will probably mean fight against them. Autoloot could be an option if there were not property of haven you are visiting.

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I think I may be going wrong on this. I don’t bother with the cache boxes, I just kill all the enemies and assume the contents of the boxes come to me at the end? Also, on the turrets, I tend not to bother as they never seem to do anything?

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I use turrets now In defence missions, the need very close range.

Crates with items on haven defence missions don’t. Crates with resouces on scavenge missions do.

They are really powerful. You just need to place them in the open space and don’t put your soldiers in the line of fire. They eradicate crabmen quite easily (those with shields tend to last longer but also perish in 2 or 3 turns). Sirens and Chirons disappear also quite fast. Queen can resist them for a while, but if you have 3 or 4 of them standing around queen will also die before they will run out of ammo.

Bases are quite tight so turrets can get easily destroyed. I prefer open spaces. But yes they are somewhat innacurate so smaller enemies are skipped (too low chance to hit - so turret doesn’t shoot then).

EDIT: Oh and btw. Turrets shot simultanously when their turn comes so you may watch 1 turret shooting but it is all of them shooting (if they have clear target in their line of sight). You need to pay attention how many enemies disappear just before your turn. :slight_smile: The most easy way is to track changes in enemy will points.


Cheers, will give turrets another go and note I need to get to crates on those missions.

You know you can produce stuff that you need, If you need ammo click at it in equipment window.

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