Mark of the Void: Damage each round

The damage from Mark of the Void appears to start at 40.

However with each subsequent application of damage it appears to be stacking:

I have a Technician that is receiving this amount of damage alone.

Fortunately he can heal himself.

But this seems very unfair.

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Where is the rest of your team? Are they outside the range of the Boss?

What happens is that the Boss casts the MoV every turn, and as long as it’s possible he casts it on a different PX operative. But it seems like if he can’t cast it on a different PX operative (because they stay back) he casts it again and again on the same one.

I held my team back intentionally hoping that I might get an overwatch opportunity to damage the receptacle.

I am moving them all up now.

I can understand it casting on the only unit in range - but the stacking is pretty crazy.

Also its not opening the shields.

Earlier before I killed off the Chirons in the final room I was able to damage the receptacle at range.

But now its shields are not opening. I thought they rotated - left - right - middle.

AFAIK it is random and also AFAIK (not sure) it only changes the downed shield if you hit him.

The easiest way to deal with YE is move your whole team close to it, keeping a distance of 5 tiles between each operative (because MoV does 40 damage to the afflicted operative and any friendly within 5 tiles). Then you can just surround it from all sides, so much for the shield!

Do that and even with an average team you can finish the mission before you need to use any healing…