Orryx patch MoD tooltip visual bug

Hi all!

This evening I’ve found out that, after the last patch released yesterday on Steam the Mark of Death’s Sniper ability tooltip shows “MoD 10” on the affected target, while its description reads “ Mark an enemy target. Increases damage suffered by the target by 10 from each hit after armor until the end of the turn”

Isn’t the Orryx patch supposed to have fixed MoD to state that it increases the damage by 50% after armor deduction?

Yes, the description is still wrong, I have also reported it vs F10 ingame and on discord.

Orryx only change for MfD is that it now no longer can be stacked. +50% damage after armor was already there.

I was wrong, the description in game is NOT wrong!
Marked for Death provides +10 damage per hit after armor and the stacking is removed.

That said, the patch description is currently wrong.