Suggestion: Splinter Factions and Neutral Havens

Flesh out the Forsaken with some characters and story missions. They feel like they need the same treatment as the Pure. Also, a Synedrion splinter faction would be cool as well, with their own advanced tech.

Speaking of the Splinter Factions, when I fought X24 I didn’t even realize I had killed him because he was a normal grunt. The leaders need to be hero characters with special abilities and a they should be a challenge.

EDIT: Forgot about the Havens. Neutral Havens today are one and done. I’d like to see them be a place to recruit cheap troops with the independent gear, and maybe a place where you cna get a better trade for resources or something. I’d also like to see them trigger Haven Defence missions, and maybe have a couple of story line missions to flesh out the unique Haven leaders and their relationship to you.



There’s one that’s mentioned in the 3rd SYN rep mission and I think it’s mentioned somewhere else. Maybe these guys will be more fleshed out in the future.

I agree. There’s an early mission called the pirate king where the boss is more recognizable, but only because it uses different faction armor. However, it’s a bit difficult to create hero characters in PP as one-unit encounters are fast, with the enemy or you soldier easily dying in one turn when strong items or skills are used. If there were in-mission dialogs that would be easier. Maybe a simple visual mark/aura on bosses could get some attention on them.

There’s so much that can be done with neutral havens… I hope they also get fleshed out some day.

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