Make Gungnir powerful again

Gungnir in Derleth worked for me very good: 100 damage and 110 virophage. It made an endgame weapon truly powerful. Now it is lame against highly armoured Scyllas.

And that’s good. Don’t forget: Scylla is a boss opponent. :wink:
In addition, it is not lame, just “a little” weaker.

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You gotta come up with some better reasoning than “it worked very good” and “now it’s lame”.

It is a good reason.

In the endgame I expect myself to have VERY good weapons. Not some, that are as weak as starting weapons.

Why should I use Gungnir else?

What change DID t hey make to the Gungnir?

They reduced Accuracy and Virophage Damage.

The part with the accuracy is ok for me, but they should have kept the Virophage Damage 110.

A boss opponent that you see in 90% of every mission and that sometimes spawns on top of you at the start of the mission. It’s not really a boss if it spawns all the time.

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Because it’s still better than other options ? The only thing I’d probably buff is its range. 220 damage was quite obviously too good. You have to keep in mind that if you have some powerful weapon like that you need to balance the game around it.

They went a different route in PP, though … without excessive powercreep through research which I really appreciate.

That’s a whole different issue, but touching precisely on the point I made earlier about balancing the game around the tools that are available to the player.

Right now the approach seems to be “this is a strong combo; let’s nerf it to make the game harder” instead of "let’s BOTH fix the OP combo and remove the sitations forcing the players to use them.

  • Scyllas spawn on top of you and you therefore have to kill them round 1. → Let’s nerf it so that you can’t kill them without solving that they spawn on top of you
  • Monsters spawns around quest objectives instantly killing many of them round 1 → Let’s nerf dash and rally the troops so that it’s impossible to counter that without solving the actual problem
  • Some end game weapons are strong → Let’s nerf the endgame weapons without adressing that we have 1 scylla, 4 chirons standing on top of eachothers in the last mission

I think, you don`t get, how Virophage damage really works. It was never really 220 damage.
It was: 110 damage - armour + 110 Virophage damage - armor.

I’ve always had 2 Sycllas in the final mission.

Right, might be true; all I know is that the difficulty of the mission is solely from there being a clusterfuck of enemies in the first room that pretty much require cheesy tactics to counter.

It should be fixed in time. Not every change can happen simultaneously. With current alien evolution game became easy even on Legend difficulty.

Recalling this topic after playing around a while with the Gungnir and I can only say it IS already the best SR in the game, even after the nerf.

But it seems to me there is maybe a bug with the virophage damage, probably in combination with sneak attack.
The setting:
Sniper/Infiltrator with Gungnir SR and sneak attack.
The damage shown in the UI on top of the weapon is 220 x 1, on target it shows 200-210 x 1, both without any virophage damage. See pic below …

Gungnir screen 1

The result of this shot is much more damage, exactly 397. Again a screeny …

Gungnir screen 2

The hit body part (the root, in german “Wurzeln”) has lost 417 damage. And another pic …

Gungnir screen 3

I don’t know how these damage values are going together or coming from, in theory it should have done 220 - 20 armor + 80 virophage = 280 damage. But the result is … ossom and anything other than ‘lame’ :wink: