Make armour destructible

As the bonus armours, all armours should be destroyed when the soldier is killed. The teleporting stuff is a severe exploit that allows players having a single set of equipment to rotate to several teams in opposite sides of world instead spending resources properly equipping all their teams. Making armour destructible minimize that exploit.

Canny: Make armour destructible | Voters | Phoenix Point

Minimize it yourself and scrap all armor of your KIA units. The game as is, should be pretty close to the designers/devs vision. Most of what you are suggesting is more in line with your vision and would alter the creators’ vision. Of course IMHO.

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Of course is my vision of game that i am giving. I spent 1000+ hours playing it and finished 3 times in legendary, so i guess i can give my reasoned opinion… anyway, is just that, an opinion and analysis. You are free to disagree just fundament it.

This proposal is to avoid players doing an exploit and have a single set of equipment rotating by all teams, but i agree with you, this is bad game design since beginning… teleporting equipment is a basic programming error that should not be present at all, this proposal is only to minimize it effects.

Question is if something intended can be called an error. I suppose there were two options:

  • have inventory with teleporting equipment
  • have a non-intuitive and tiresome inventory management system, where you would slap item icons all over the screen and wonder if they went to proper place

So it all bashed with development time and expectations to meet the deadline…

I suppose if they had only these two options it was wise to choose the first one.

Of course I’m completely expelled by current inventory system… but also I can understand why they used some shortcuts in design.

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You can fix this by adding a 2 hours delay after changing equipment, until the soldier is ready to use.

2 hours is the time a year 2047 hyper speed cargo drone would need to reach each point of the world :wink: