Make aircrafts add to military power of the haven they are stationed in

Currently military power of havens adds up from 1) haven population, 2) training facilities and 3) nearby havens.
My suggestion is to add +3 military power if the haven has an aircraft stationed in it.

Proposed results:

  1. Player would be a little bit less motivated to steal an aircraft knowing it is going to undermine that haven’s ability to defend.
  2. Faction aircrafts moving across the map would be less meaningful and may be seen by player as relocation of faction military power.

You may say that the aircrafts are unarmed in the current version of the game, so they can’t be seen as gunships. However they can surely be used as scouts and to deploy and evacuate soldiers at battlefield, so they can still contribute to battle in some ways.

It is a small feature of course, but a simple one to implement.


And let the AI react to HDs sending one nearby aircraft to a haven that is attacked and had none.

I like the idea, it would also make havens a bit more resistant and give the faction a tool to help themselves.

Edit: Voted in canny and added my comment there.

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What happens if they send multiple aircraft? And if the haven is destroyed while theres an aircraft there is the aircraft destroyed too?

It should have a max cap of 1, 2, 3 … (I prefer not more than 1)

Design decision :wink:
What do you think?
I would say it should be destroyed too.

Military Strength is derived from the Population and Training Facilities within the Haven, or from Havens with the same affiliation within its operating range. Military strength is population/1000, rounded up. +4 from Training Facility, +2 from nearby Haven with Training Facility ( pending check bonus from elite training facilities ).

This should be clear to the Majority.

  • Attack points = Military Strength points
    Defense points = HP/ repair of Key Buildings
    Armor points = HP of Walls and defense Mechanisms

Each attack by monsters and its consequences must be clearly deciphered and clearly shown.

Then and only then, will any changes by “+3” be noticeable (and have a Meaning).

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Agree, except:

I don’t think it would not be noticeable if nothing else is changed, +3 only by aircraft should be enough to defend against attacks from Nests that are usually around 10-15 attack value, early on even below 10. Weak havens are around 6-10 defense value, so +3 is very noticeable for them.

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I think in that case the aircrafts should move to other havens, evacuating the survivors from the destroyed haven. I mean, part of destroyed population would be added to their population.

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Nice additional idea :+1:

I agree that this needs to be tested.

What I mean is that if you open up this Mechanic, then there will certainly be other good balance proposals.

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Of course and I think there are many of them but as always, little steps by little steps. We will probably have no chance with bigger overhauls, so I try to get this down to something that could maybe have a realistic chance to get addressed by the devs.

Not having a major overhaul, but replacing it with cosmetic, the building will not stand for a long time.
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A major overhaul is more likely for a good mod and I think this will also come. Even when not directly supported from the devs, there are some very active people to make good tools and also mods.

So keep your good ideas, maybe they will be needed in the not so far future :wink:

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