LS-0013 error when loading game

Game crashed and now won’t launch at all why? LS-0013 error means what?

I had this error after the first patch. Before the patch I was getting the blank screen issue (forced to skip cutscenes by pressing Esc). The patch then broke the game altogether. The new patch took me back to squate one - the blank screen error.

In the end I found the issue was codec related. I use Shark007 codec pack. A little while back I had to play around with the settings because subtitles weren’t working with certain file formats. When I first tried PP I had the same blank screen error. However after changing the Shark007 settings back to default the game has worked fine since. If you use a codec pack try updating to the latest version, or update them individually. Also if you know that you have played around with codec settings in the past then try setting them back to default.

Technically the second patch fixed my LS-0013 error, so if the above doesn’t work try re-downloading the game or at least verifying the files. You are the only other person I have seen that has reported the LS-0013 error code.

Only solution I found was to load directly from the exe file and not use epic