LOL 225 Infected....Game Frozen

Completed the research against corruption. Later game, I came out of a mission and my world screen looked like this. I think the game wants me to lose?

CTRL-ALT-DELETE and came back in on reload of autosave post-mission, the game was fine. Still pretty comical though…thanks for the laugh. It looked like the game was focused on Barbados. Maybe it needs a vacation?


I see that screen in the background after every mission. Long name Here 123 and 225 corrupted. Never froze for me.

Me too, but what is it that corruption?

It’s a display bug - just an artifact to cloud our minds.

Let me guess, you opened the game and then loaded into a mission, rather than the overworld, right?
Yeah that’s a thing, what happens is just that it takes a good long while for the overworld to load correctly after you’re done with the mission, so it shows a lot of broken information becaus the UI doesn’t have that data available.
Actually, you’ll realize you can’t click on anything until it’s done loading.

Hmmm… interesting. This has nothing to do with the thread, but I started the game, loaded the last manual save, jumped straight into a mission (got a vehicle right over a position) and the game crashed.
I’ll double check that, thanks for the guess :slight_smile: