Game froze, rocket in haven defence mission

I addition to the low performance in the haven defence mission (low fps in particular), if you fire a rocket with the heavy, the game will freeze. Not like the alien turns lasting to eternity, but a proper frame of the explosion is all I saw in the last 10 minutes. It’s the second time this rocket destroys the Bäcker build. I suspect the Haven are not too happy about my architectural redesign of their spaces.


Yeah I just got all kinds of crazy bugs and finally a hard crash on the last defence mission, now that they have this fancy launcher they should try and sort it out soon, we can’t play test the game and help with the development if we can’t play it.

Another bug related to this: I used a PP granade launcher in another haven defence mission. After the animation took place, the turn stopped: I couldn’t select any operative (I still had to move two or three of them) and the camera doesn’t really respond to commands. It moved a feww times, but it doesn’t respond to commands. The background animations were still going on.

weird effect. which still cause freeze anyway.

i did select rocket (change weapon) and clicked to launch rocket. It did not let me “aim” with bubble to selectively attack crabmens. it launched immediately and hit somewhere. then the game froze.