List of Improvements or Things to Look into Adding to Game

Now, of course most of these may be fixed out of alpha but I’d like to add them to bring them to light.

  • The optimization is a bit weak, even on potato mode (nice touch by the way), the game still lags quite a bit.

  • I personally would like to a see a less clunky inventory system or swap with squad-mate action. The inventory objects seemed to not clip with the mouse which made it look a little awkward.

  • An idea to play around with, I’m sure you have, but maybe an enemy which mutates mid-fight. Go from shield to sharpshooter or runner to shield.

  • Action points could be shown a bit more clearly, the UI doesn’t need to be cluttered but it seems as if, the action point bar seems to be completely lost in the brown ting of the maps.

  • A possible idea I’d like to see is the ability to holster your weapons, which would allow you to move farther with less AP but upholstering the gun could cost AP which could leave them vulnerable.

  • Melee attacks would be cool, aiming for certain parts like hitting the head could stun them but a miss/hitting armor could hurt/stun the soldier.

  • Vehicles seem a bit strong at the moment. Most likely they won’t be prominent in early game, but I feel as if in late game, the game could become too easy with them around.

  • A couple of model bugs were kind of weird (I have posted those bug reports through the alpha).

  • A possible gameplay feature would be wall piercing rounds/ ballistics. Especially on a vehicle. It could open up the use of vehicles in a unique way on the battlefield.

  • The destructible environments are there, but it seems guns should leave an impact on a wall it hits. Not create a hole per say like fXcom but depending the gun, the damage could shred the wall apart, pierce the wall or just do nothing.

  • The specialist class seemed a bit strapped to the vehicle apart from a turret, but if left alone I don’t think they’d have a lot of survivability.

  • Possibly a prompt to say you have no ammo left for that gun in your inventory, it kept telling me to reload but I couldn’t until I realized that I was out of ammo.

  • If you want the aesthetic, could I recommend a robotic voice prompt telling to reload and text prompt telling to switch weapons. The voice allows a sense of realism to a (UI/AI) while the text prompt allows a more streamlined informative instruction to people who may not be observant, like me. It could always be an option to turn off or is removed on more difficult levels, but it seems like a bit of conflicting information to ‘reload’ with no ammo available which seems jarring.

  • For vehicles, allowing squad mates to use it as cover, and adding an automated turret could be good, allowing another gun especially if you add ambush mission, even if it’s an upgrade in the final game.

Love the Game so far guys, Keep it up!
Kind Regards,
David Tayler

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I just want to say about the specialist. In most of my playthroughs, he singlehanded kills 40-60% enemies with his turrets (yeah, boxes have additiona turrets) and killer melee attack, and he does it with a smile, healing himself out of any damage. As od new version of backers build, he is the most powerfull class for me.

Well, maybe the vehicle tips the balance with boss adding strong health and armor movable unit with some offensive ability. The decrease of its armor and heatlh would be sufficient.

It would be nice if other soldiers could more faster use it as cover and transport or have other small “travel only” vehicles. So its not all in slow infantry pace.

I like all your points and I’m hoping it will be looked into. However, the stickies mention that for each suggestion a new individual topic has to be made, as is what I’m doing.

This might get your suggestions more attention.

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