Lift access purpose in a PP base

What is the purpose of the Lift Access in a base? It’s description suggests that it’s a deployment point for defence missions and an escape route if things go badly.

But what happens to a PP base if it needs repairing or I demolish it. Can the base still be attacked or does it effectively seal the base shut?

I never tried a defense without it, but I suppose that enemies would spread in your base.
I my opinion, narrow access point is the best strategy for a better defense

Doesn’t removing it eliminate one evacuation point? I don’t think it has any other purpose.

Someone is evacuating soldiers?

Doubt that. As those are one of the easiest missions :slight_smile:

I think so

So I just did a little experiment with a rookie level save from a couple of weeks ago and there was no difference. The usual entry point for the enemy was used and I evacuated a soldier using the exit area.

The reason that I started to wonder was because I’m playing on hero level and as everything is a bit tighter on resources etc. I found a new base and was considering if spending the resource on repairing the lift was worth it rather than the research centre.

Now I’m sure that the development team have better things to concentrate their time on at the moment, but is it one of those things that they knew about and thought shush, no one will notice… :joy:

With the coming change to recruitment, the access lift will be required to recruit troops at your base.