Let... me... MOVE!

Seriously the new change to stop movement upon any enemy sighted is so annoying and borderline stupid.
If I am sloppy enough to send my guy galloping ahead while revealing 20 enemies on the way and then stand there in the open like “I’m dead. Thanks commander.” Then let me be sloppy. Actually I am doing it on purpose, sending a recon Infiltrator ahead. If I approach unknown territory cautiosly this won’t happen. Why would the game do this work for me? It does it poorly anyway. I don’t frigging want to click 20 times on this specific spot, revealing an enemy after enemy, while losing some action points on the go only to not be able to reach the destination. At least there should be Shift+click that let’s me ignore sighted enemies during the movement.
Who thought this was a good idea?

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Never play JA1&2 :slight_smile:

You are right it makes the game more hectic, but it should be a player option, perhaps 3 setup, not at all, like before, like now.

EDIT: I could not remind well, but I think JA1&2 have a similar setup for each mercenary, that’s a bit extreme even if I can see the utility.

Hah, I’ve had a fair amount of time spent in JA2. I was even one of the modders behind 1.13, ah, those were golden times. JA2 had a different pace however, real time sequence, etc.
I believe the player should know better when moving soldiers ahead. The game shouldn’t automatically do stops for him. You wouldn’t stop dashing instantly when seeing an enemy in peripheral vision too, you would focus on maintaining speed instead. It would make more sense to never stop your planned movement. No need for babysitting us.
The enemies also waste action points this way.

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Yes, there needs to be at least an option to not stop. Something like CTRL+click… It is really quite atrocious at times, especially considering sometimes the guy does not even leave the tile he is standing on, but is still draining AP.

Those stops like in JA series isn’t baby sitting, this and the counter attack are clearly an attempt to modernize JA interruption system. The problem of this JA system is to not be really predictable, in PP it is predictable.

There’s an anti Fireaxis XCOM design I appreciate and this is one of the element, maximum fairness from discovering enemies.

In JA series I think it generates less interruption because soldiers tend see less far, and there’s less open lines. In fact I think it’s a PP design error to not fix firmly see range and make it flexible through an attribute and other stuff. It’s one more detail favoring long range, when see range can be extended.

I think it’s intended to mimic real time decisions a little. You may not stop dashing because you see an enemy in your periphery, but you very well may decide to change your final destination. I do agree that it could use a little more tuning or player control, though.

Mmm did you played the game recently? Now you never lost any AP bit, you can move 4 or 1 then 1 then 1 then 1.

If there’s a bug in paths shortened by interruption, it’s from weird cause and certainly not a logical rule.