Launcher update failures

Two problems:

  1. In-launcher support button doesn’t work if you don’t have a system-associated email client. Clicking it brings up the tedious “Outlook 2007 setup wizard” option on my machine. This is because I use webmail, and so mailto links don’t work for me. Usually I just copy and paste the address, but I can’t see what it is, so that fails for me.
  2. I was playing the game happily yesterday. Today I find that it’s insisting on downloading an update, and the update is failing with an array of errors, e.g. failed to unpackage archive. This is particularly annoying as it downloads the whole 3GB every time. It references more details in a log, but doesn’t say where the log is.

The game is fun, and I’m fine with it having a bunch of bugs, that’s to be expected with a pre-release version. But why is the launcher so flakey? It seems to be provided by a 3rd party, so it shouldn’t be pre-release quality. That’s a bit disappointing.

Please try running the launcher as administrator.

Hmm. Restarting the launcher, even in non-adminstrator mode, seems to have made it realise it doesn’t need to update at all, and it’s launching okay now…