Feedback from an end game player (spoilers)

so far ive found citadels to be easier then lairs, with lairs you have to fight through the map to get to the hatchery but with citadels ive been able to snipe the queen on round one 90% of the time.

Since you can choose whether a citadel forms or a lair by letting the queen escape this just means I never have to fight a lair again.

Also ive found at end game most havens have elite training facilities which makes it very difficult to find snipers heavies or assaults(is this intended or a byproduct)?

Artillary chirons are an issue. To many times ive been wiped out by an artillary chiron that is unreachable. I honestly dont know how to balance them.

On maps with buildings they are manageable but when you have no hard cover they wreck your cover letting enemies hit you and you can get 777’d with a triple shot on your guys.

a quality of life addition would be linking aircrafts together so you dont need to double click and space to freeze while you send your whole squad together. Getting to a haven in time is time sensitive and more then once my first aircraft has arrived but the haven lost before the second one arrived.

I don´t know what characters were you using, but all the chirons can be pretty easy sniped down within few shots. Combinations with mark of death, infiltration bonus, berzerker bonus, you could kill them really fast even in distant places. They are so huge, sometimes covering behind the rock or destructable obstacles. You can panick them, so many ways to deal with them.

In cities, they are often trapped in the buildings, lol… Really funny.

Quins are the best to shot with heavy member lvl7 by one volley full burst with minigun, etc.

But definitely citadels are far easier then lairs, which is very complicated terrain… real pain in the ass.

In my run, I was unable to complete moonshot mission from Synedrion. I was hovering over the heaven, sometimes defended from attack, but nothing happens. I had to go with Annu and kill the thing with exalted, or virophage bio weapon.