Lair with Archon bombard, any cover?

Ha, like nests. Myself I think bombard is fine with a careful top cover design, Haven and scavenging work very well. Just suppress it in lairs would be a bit simple, it would need at least another enemy type to replace Chiron in lairs.

Do you mean Archon?

Either way - Or an Archon/Chiron that has mutated to do something else.

Well I thought Archon was XCOM2, and Chiron PP, I mean the mushrooms with 4 legs.

Look at your thread title.

dunno why bombards can be used underground lol

Yeah sometimes I use the wrong name. :slight_smile:

Because of Avernum series. :slight_smile:

It happened to me once, that there was no path leading to the spawnery. If I didn’t have a heavy with me to jet jump over there I’d have to abort.

Did you try shooting stalagmite-like structures to make your own path? It takes only one shot from Hel II cannon to shatter these.

If you can’t get a position where you have LOS on the mortar chiron, there’s really nothing to do but retreat and try again. Personally, I’m OK with the Pandas occasionally having a defensive setup that is particularly butt-kicking — we shouldn’t expect to win every battle. In general, I’ll start a lair fairly conservatively to try and scout out what I’m facing (if you don’t shoot immediately, you don’t alert enemy), but if shells start raining down on me from a Chiron I can’t see, I high-tail it for the retreat zone ASAP.

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Yes, seemed possible in one place but would have asked too many rockets, grenades, because there were multiple layers… Jet jump was fine so I didn’t push for the explosive solution.

No LOS at all, always very far and too may blocks between.

I don’t know what alert Chiron, hardly first shoot, sometimes it takes a while an sometimes it’s faster.

But I’m pretty sure it’s only walking sounds they target so a soldier not moving won’t be bombard at next turn, the exceptions are turrets.

The weirdest is I enjoy lot other missions with Chiron bombard, very fun, and never played anything like that. In Phantom Doctrine there are air bombards but it’s quit different and there’s no way the same level of design of top covers.

Also missions without buildings but walls work totally fine, they disable the bombard efficiently. In lairs it’s not working with destructible and there’s ton, and there’s too few solid walls high enough to work properly through a mission progression. Currently it’s just a big design bug with Lairs and those Chirons.

In such cases I think the that the best cover is inside an Armadillo, if you have one on a mission. It can withstand a few hits from artillery while you drive all your way to the bastard to disembak soldiers and kill it.

No, Lairs aren’t made for vehicles, hardly a way to a Chiron at opposite side of the map, in fact I tried, even try destroying obstacles was disappointing with some that have under non breakable obstacles clearly setup to block a vehicle path.