Kydoimos Grenade?

So, this is more a question than anything else, but how exactly does the Kydoimos Grenade (Synedrion stun grenade) actually works?
It shows “Sonic” damage, I know it stuns targets, but I can’t figure out what actual values it applies.

Dazes the target if the target’s Will Points are less than the amount of Sonic damage.

If a friendly or enemy unit’s current number of Will Points is equal to or lower than the Sonic rating of the attack, then the friendly or enemy unit will be Dazed until the end of their next turn. The ‘Dazed’ status effect reduces a unit’s action points down to just one, halves the unit’s accuracy and prevents the unit from using abilities like Mind Control, Return Fire or Overwatch. In the 1.6 Cthulhu patch, Kydoimos grenades now have a Sonic rating of 15, so when it detonates, any unit within the blast radius that has current Will Points of 15 or less, will be Dazed. If a unit’s current Will Points are higher than 15, Kydoimos grenades will not work on it.

Kydoimos grenades had their blast radius increased to 3.5 and their Sonic rating increased to 15 in the new 1.6 Cthulhu patch, so they are much better now than they were before the patch. They are genuinely useful now, and high Will Point enemies can still have their current Will Points brought down to 15 through various means (killing enemies, head crippling, viral weapons, Priest screaming head etc) so that the Kydoimos grenades can work on them too.

The fact that they are non-lethal can come in handy during Haven Defense missions, where the Kydoimos grenades can be used as area-of-effect weapons against enemies even when civilians are within the blast radius. Feels like I’m throwing in flashbangs just before Phoenix Project SWAT moves in to save the hostages. Civilians don’t mind being Dazed :innocent:.