Grenade spam by AI - strategies to mitigate

I had not played Phoenix Point since backer build 2 or 3. After playing 5, which feels like a finished game over all, I was pleasantly surprised at how the AI responded. I have read that some people are having issues with weapons being destroyed by grenades early on. This is due to the play style most people deploy early game by lobbing grenades to disable AI weapons. I did it too!

I had to change my strategy to not lose weapons and thus soldiers. I lost one due to it but recovered. I would like to propose a thread to share strategies that have worked for you to counter grenades.

  • I started using a heavy with a grenade launcher (cant remember the name) to destroy cover and hopefully disable the enemy’s own grenade launcher. I had to stay back to do this effectively. Once cover is taken out other troops can easily shoot the arm, which sometimes kills the mob outright. This will pop off the grenade launcher and even the playing field.

  • As for lairs, use a high movement soldier to scout around corners then back up. This will give you an idea if a group of mobs are around a corner. You can also look for the golden locators from being close enough to moving targets. Then use the grenade launcher to lob one over the wall. most mobs will try to get line of sight (LOS) on you before blindly shooting grenades.

  • Alternatively, equip some high movement soldiers with shotguns (put a spare weapon in their backpack) and run in close for a quick kill.

Using these two strategies the AI moved away from grenade launchers and started deploying shields (since I was destroying cover and disarming them). Some of them still have grenades, depending on the mission, but over all there are few of them.

What have been some of your strategies?

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