Kneeling and prone

One of the things I liked about UFO: Enemy Unknown (among a very long list) was the option to kneel.
To this date, I’m still very uncertain about the way accuracy worked in the original games, but in Phoenix Point I really love the “targeting” mechanic. My idea would be to implement kneeling or going prone (should cost time units of course) to give the player more targeting options, ie. targeting from a lower perspective (and perhaps an accuracy boost as well as a defensive boost due to smaller silhouette).

In any case, I’m looking very much forward to seeing more about this game as it continues development. UFO: Enemy Unknown was, after all, my first turn-based action-strategy game and was, in my humble opinion, a pioneering game in the genre. As much as I like the new XCOM games, they just don’t offer the same atmosphere or complex gameplay that drew me into the original.


Are you prepared for crabmen to also take advantage of the kneeling/prone mechanics?


Phoenix Point already means to be more complex and more ambitious than new XCOM.

I should hope that where applicable that they enemy creatures would be able to do this also.

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I’m eagerly expecting the queen to kneel to increase her concealment factor :crab:

But what if she will have a turtle mutation and will be able to hide all her limbs? Then it would be prone or kneeling stance? And of course she might want to kneel to hide her belly. :wink:

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Great, now I’m picturing her like a mutated armadillo, going all roly-poly and trampling my soldiers!

Thanks …