Hunkering down when scared

Hi all

Wondering if it will be possible in later builds…

What would probably be nice (according to me):

  • Be able to change the orientation of your soldier (to prevent enemies from destroying your weapon when they shoot at you)
  • Be able to kneel (to represent a smaller target).
    • It would cost some time unit to kneel and to stand up on the next turn (10% ?).
    • Improve accuracy by 10% ?
  • Be able to crawl (like the fireworm - even a smaller target). It would cost even more time units (25% ?).
    • still be able to shoot with some weapons (clearly not the hell canon)
    • improve accuracy by 20% ?
    • able to move in this position but at 1/4 the speed (so sniper can basically move 1 tile and still fire)

NB: I’m aware that the crawling part would probably be a nightmare to develop. But only the devs know if they could make it work easily enough.


Quite many people (including me) expected this functionality from original X-COM, but Snapshot announced there won’t be such mechanic. It was too much micromanagement and probably would create not so streamlined gameplay as recent XCOMs (which Snapshot admired - and it is true that Jake Solomon made XCOM franchise available to wider audience).

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I agree that the new XComs are really great games. Challenging enough and not too long with a steady flow of changes to stay interesting. I love the long war mods but I must admit that it is too long and too repetitive so I never finish a campaign).

I had read about the various types of shot (quick shot, normal shot, aimed shot) but must have missed the part about defensive stances.

I think that in a game where you don’t alpha strike the opponent (currently with exertion it is still possible to do it), it is good to have some kind of defensive postures to be able to better play defense.

For me, micro management is more about HAVING to buy ammo, fuel, HAVING to move your troops between bases with a transport. There it is more like a tactical possibility that you MAY or may not use.

Anyway I was sure that probably someone had asked but wasn’t able to find the Thread.

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Having different postures like kneeling and crawling like in XCOM apoc may have been too much micromanagement, but an option to hunker down and do your best to stay alive doesn’t sound too outlandish or time consuming for the player. Providing valid defensive options is important in this kind of game or you lock the gameplay into something overly aggressive.

Well I would love to have that. But developers have their own vision. :wink:

In the end I suppose I can live without it if other development targets will be met.

I do think that kneeling adds an unnecessary element of micromanagement and game is better without it, at least if it were implimented the same way it was implimented in UFO.

Because what is the benefit of not kneeling? You kneel, you get more defence, better accuracy. So it’s not a game mechanic where you decide if to kneel or not, but you count time units to make sure you can kneel before moving - for better defence, and attack.

I don’t have an opinion about hunker down button, as I didn’t play the beta.

Kneeling is superfluous as your troops already kneel behind cover.

Hunker down is a valid “oh shit” option in XCOM when one of your units receives too much attention. It’s not something I’d routinely use but it’s something nice to have.

But if you’re stuck in the open, it’s a good option to have.