Is it just me, or

does your second squad always get thrown into a high threat level ambush before it’s had a chance to gain much battlefield experience? I swear that this happens to me on every campaign.

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Since I tend to mix my newbies in with my oldies, that doesn’t happen so much.

But on my last campaign, my B Squad always had a hell of a time in Panda Nests - Lairs they could walk through, but if it was a Nest, it turned into a clusterF! any time my B-Squad attempted one.

That exact thing happened to me. They got a lot of the rougher missions whilst my A team get the easy ones xD

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Same. 14 days in, finally got a second aircraft and sent out one guy to start exploring.

First site was an ambush.

Luckily I’d expected it and sent a Scarab along with him. It’s pretty much the one thing vehicles are good for, filling out undermanned squads. He would have been dead for sure otherwise.

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I go just like Michaellgnotus has said. Divide your A team to 4/2 or 3/3 and let them carry those newbies untill they get good.

I also build training facilities fast and train those newbies before they go onto the field. Sniper for example needs very little exp to be perfectly viable, just some levels to get quick shot and accuracy buff.

Snipers get an accuracy buff?

The Sniper level 5 skill Master Marksman gives you 30% accuracy buff if there are no enemies within 10 tiles.

Well yes but I wouldnt call a lvl 5 skill ‘a few levels’. Thats already a veteran trooper in my eyes.

Id say lvl 3 is where Snipers become really good. Beeing able to fire twice a turn makes them so much deadlier.