Is it jsut me or do we never get any stronger?

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feel like the topic should be on both.(is my topic)

Ok title is slightly missleading, we get new tech and abilities but as the game goes on the aliens get theirs faster and they get upgrades that out perform ours.

Take the standard enemy, in the early game you can take them down with a single shot, their grenade launchers while crippling don’t do much and their MGs are a joke.

By mid game or around 20% on the mist, they have the following, the ability to do 400 damage per turn with the MG, the ability to one shot your weapons and equipment, armor stronger then you can get at any point in the game, seriously why can’t we make internal armor and weapon improvements?

by the mid point for you, you might have new jerico weapons and armor allowing you to survive the hits and deal some damage but their equipment is the only way to get stronger, god help you if you are like me and love the anu, you get nothing in the way of defense until the late game.

What we need to balance this.

reinforcement techs, simple small techs that come in around finding the 3rd base that give you improved gear once researched, these techs would have a dynamic cost based on what they do and how many weapons/ armor needs to be retrofit.

tech1: reinforced weapons
info: the aliens love to blow up our gear, we might need to improve it
side: phoenix
effect: +100 health to all weapons

tech2: Powered armor plating
info: our armor isn’t keeping up with the aliens new weapons, and it has been shown they will just make better
side: phoenix
effect: +10 armor to all armors, -50% explosive damage to heavy armor, -25% explosive damage to assault armor, sniper armor adds poison immunity

tech3: ablative armor 1
info: our guys are taking alot of damage we found documents about ablative plates in the old bases, looks like the project was abandoned, but it might be useful
side: phoenix
new slot item: powered plating: gives 100 ablative hit points, this goes in the chest slot, spare ones can be put in inventory.
the ablative armor will always take damage firs

I get the notion that the Aliens are an increasing threat and that many of the tech to counter that comes from the other factions. Its a weird design to have several bases but obviously no engineers capable of crafting armor piercing weapons. Which would be ok if the Grenades actually would put a dent in the armor of enemies. A siren or chiron has about 30 Armor on most of their body parts so assault rifles dont do shit, take a Grenade and it takes of a whopping 3 Armor… Yay the assaultrifle damage just skyrocketed from 0 to 18. Too bad that they have about 500 hp.

All in all its called poor game design.

On top of that protect missions litterally become impossible in the mid to late game do to the enemy being able to one shot the protection targets.

Thankfully you can cheese human protect targets with an APC, but buidling. wow 1,000 damage in a single turn. yeah BS thank god that wasn’t my soldiers, oh wait that is the next turn.