Infiltrator class is broken after Leviatan (bug)

I know that is how it is “supposed” to work, but that does not currently seem to be the case. Even if I move totally out of any enemy LoS, my infiltrator does not recloak. I have to use the “vanish” skill to once again become invisible. Perhaps when I am observing this, it is with a unit that has the secondary class of infiltrator and not necessarily one that starts with this class.

You have to be a whole round out of LOS, from the start to the end. If you was revealed in a turn then the only way to get concealed again in the same turn is using vanish.

Edit, I try to describe it turnwise
Turn X, you get revealed and move out of LOS, you stay revealed
Turn X+1, you’re still revealed and now have to stay this whole round out of LOS
Turn X+2, you’re reconcealed now

Seems maybe unfair, but for me personally ok for the double damage and at least you have vanish to conceal when ever you want.

That may have been the case pre-Leviathan, but it is not the case now. All of my infiltrators have been out of sight for more than 1 turn (why because there are no enemies left) and they are not returning to concealed. Again this was the case pre-Leviathan, but not post.

I did this a few minutes ago and it worked as described above …

corrected bad english :crazy_face: