Improving the Faction Wars

After reading about the canny below, i got some ideas about how we could improve the faction war and make then more interesting and make good use of the new population meter.

So the initial idea is that factions when they fight each other, instead of destroying the haven they would seise control over then.

How this would work on the game?

We would need two groups:

  • One for the Pandorans, Forsaken and Pure;
  • The second for the factions (Syn, NJ and DoA).

The first one when they win a haven defense they would destroy the haven, that’s don’t change from what we have in the game today. But the second group, would instead of destroying the haven take control of it, plus the haven would lose some population because of the conflict and get some district’s damaged.

How a occupied haven would work?

  1. Visual:
  • Haven in the geoscape would have a minor symbol in their base of the faction that current have the control of it, this would only appear for seised havens.
  1. Gameplay:
  • The haven that is controlled by another faction now, would lost some of their population over time to the nearest enemy faction haven that have the control of it (that is the power of charisma);

  • As time passes the haven increase their chance of having a rebelion or getting reinforcements from another allied haven to help retake it;

  • The player could take sides to help the rebels or the dominating faction, this could be done during a rebbelion or not, since the player could retake the base by themselves and earn some reputation with faction;

  • As the time passes, if the haven keep occupied for too long they would be more vulnerable for the first group to destroy then ( Pandorans, Pure and Forsaken);

  • This type of mechinic would start to happen when one faction get’s hostile to another (25% bad reputation) and then increase to the point of all out war.

  1. Flavor

    When a faction dominate a base they could have some type of dialogue like NJ taking a DoA haven and Tobias saying: “Now that you people are free from this plague I’m going to promise that if you take side with New Jericho we can go back to the old world, where humanity was pure and got control of their destiny”

This is it, there a loot of point’s here that could be more explored but i think that this is something that would already improve some of the mechanics behind the factions.