Impressions about Festering Skies

This game is full of overpowers and bad design that player can exploit to easily beat the game even in legendary and you are complain about the few things that can give you a decent fight!!!

If you want a super hero team avengers game you already go it, no need to put it even worst than it is now. This is supposed to be a war game, so it is expected to have casualities and if you play xenonauts i really don´t understand why you are complaining to have a easier game when you should do the opposite.

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I agree with you. I am kinda disappointed with this DLC for those reasons.

Really? Why is that? I had a number of tricks and an understanding with the original OW cone (wider = slower response roughly), but it let me guard close areas more easily. Now it’s… awkward at close range. Probably for the best in some ways, I don’t know. Not great for worms/mindfraggers anymore.

Oh and as for my 2 cents on the DLC. It seems decent. My expectations were below rock bottom though so I feel a bit amazed and surprised.

  • Other than cinematics breaking on me and not even being able to see them in game, they looked pretty nice on Youtube. Better than usual.
  • The new mission (only played the Gift) was better than what LOTA offered imo, despite being way too easy with 1 character still (I liked the Myrmidons dropping in).
  • That new enemy adds something to the Pandorans that they were lacking, but it seems way too strong for what it is. I would’ve expected an attack-jump combo, but generally pretty weak (and lots of them)… also didn’t expect the jump to be so long. Like a micro-scylla.
  • The air combat seems like a nice addition so far, but I haven’t played with it enough to know whether it really makes a difference in the game or not (can it be ignored completely like LOTA? Don’t know.) - The costs on making aircraft and equipping them vs the rewards so far seem to be pretty lacking. The “minigame” itself isn’t terrible though and really breaks up the monotony on the Geoscape.
  • Not really sure what the Behemoth is doing though… just wanders around “destroying”/damaging havens (does that even make a difference in the game? I used to let havens fall repeatedly just because I could and didn’t feel like doing their missions… on Legend.) - I assume infested Havens will be neat, but once again, not sure if they even need to be bothered with or if the “risk” (time) is worth the reward?

All-in-all, a welcomed addition to the game from my initial experience. Game overall still needs to be balanced/improved/fixed in all the most obvious ways though. As it is, I played it for a few hours to give it a test run, but lost interest by the time the Behemoth returned to the ocean. What did me in was when I realized my soldiers stats weren’t working properly, 15 str but 130hp or 13 encumbrance for reasons I couldn’t understand and that was enough for me to shelve the game again (on top of cutscenes not working).

I cant say game looks the same from beginning with exception there are weapon slots for planes. I expected some UFOs sooner :slight_smile:

What is purpose of MOUNT EGG and how to go there / counter it / whatever was the idea?

Mount Egg will trigger an event, you can’t interact with that Mount in Geo, you wait

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Thanks, just like living in Serbia :slight_smile:

As PP is mixed and FS is mostly negative at steam, there is not much to say.
As SG told us at twitter, they sold 100k copy at steam, I just can’t believe that with the player numbers and DLC sales.
FS rating would be best 5/10 with most positive critic. It’s like every PP concept, half-baked and got half point.
SG probably is working probably on their next game and they are creating those DLC because they promised them at kickstart and sold season packs. If they did not do that, they already stopped this games development as it’s not going any better.
I think their “TBS game for casuals” idea failed badly as casuals thinks it’s still hard because strategy games needs thinking and TBS fans think the concepts are designed wrongly and there is no balance.
When you add no modding support to it, there is nothing to save…

If they would add interceptable geosphere combat, a nice simple but good mini game, flyers spawn from pandoran bases and crash sites related to them, you could easily add this to your base game and play… behemoth, infested havens, interceptor dropships with no reward for player, nothing to use at ground is not we needed at this DLC.


Except that is not how reviews work. And much less player reviews who are notorious for rallying for very duvious claims.

I will quote an example:

And just the put it in context. There was a floating base feature in the Kickstart that is not in the game as of now. And a goal for underwater missions, that was not reached. Everything else promised was delivered. But still, I guess one missing feature is enough to start a never ending rant on the forums.

So yes, Im afraid If I have learned something about PP fans, and specially about steam ones. They cant be trusted. And oh they love to hate the game.

And by the way, I came to PP without expectations, and it is an 8/10 for me. And for a game with 700k$ of budget, is a dammed high 9.

So to me, seing that my opinion does not even resemble the steam users on the base game on steam, the only thing Im certain of is that I also should not trust the reviews regarding the DLC. And Im nore than certain that the bad reviews on the DLC come from disliking the main game and have nothing to do with the DLC.

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700k? Probably you don’t know but after the Epic deal, the old PR man of SG told people that that deal was already over the SG’s game sale revenue and they did not need even sell the game anymore to have the planned profit. They got more then they imagined and for that reason, they just took the money. AND if they would use that and gave us a good game, at least good DLC’s like the No Man Sky did, there would be a heroic story… but it did not happen…

So SG got much more money then that and as we see from the DLC quality and effort, they are just giving you the “promised things” as laziest and half-baked they can.

I was a hardcore fan of PP, probably more then you, at start, before LotA… I still like PP but SG is ruining it and does not care about that too.


You know 700K$ is not enough to pay a 30 member team for a year do you? Yes Im aware they did sign and epic deal that gave them funds to actually deliver the game. As I think was their duty to the Backers to do. Still very far for for the budget needed to actually make a game of the quality that was delivered IMO.

They started to kickstart with 250k$… so they plan to do something with that money and they got 5 times of that.
But as I said you at another post, you just take some words from peoples whole posts and use them like something else.
I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what you like. I don’t have any intention to win you over.
This is not a discussion to be right.
I told what I think. Done.

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And they delivered ten times the game one could develop with 250k$, and that to me is the only relevant point.

Neither do I, In my claims I argue about factual statements. So I am not the one arguing based on opinions or feelings.

For example, here is a factual one. A 30 people team dev tem, of qualified personel for 2 years. With a fairly low salary of 30k a year (before taxes) per person is almost 2M dollars, other cost excludded. They did have half that budget for a 30 people team for a longuer than 2 years dev time. So I think it would be fair to say most of the project was actually done by 10 people or less. So yes the delivered game is impresive for such a small team working with so little resources.

I don’t care your factual statements too as they are your opinions and feelings but you just don’t know it.
You try to find excuses for a bad content. You are really an EA fan. There is nothing we can discuss.

I will ignore you from now on. You can say whatever you want.

My statements are reasoned opinions based on facts yes. That is accurate, that is actually how statements and comments should work. But Im not using feelings as an argument.

No, you think the content is bad, I dont. And I tried to explain you why I do think that.

Because you say so?

As I said to you in some other place, you are in no obligation to respond to me. And I would actually rather being not responded to than receiving personal comments that have nothing to do with my opinions and arguments.

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Someone said (and I’m paraphrasing) that Myrmidons are only fair since what they do we can and have been doing with Heavies as well. I’d say giving everyone nuclear bombs and calling it a day is the worst kind of balance imaginable.

I stopped playing again quite quickly. Maybe others are more content but for me this doesn’t cut it. Air Combat seems extremely boring and the Mission design atrociously bad - it’s an invite to cheese yet again. 1 Heavy anyone? Even a lvl 1 naked throwaway rookie will do. Let him die, fail the Mission, The Gift is still yours. Might be a bug but an overall representation of how I feel about the quality and scope of the DLC.

Admittedly I haven’t seen much, but what I have seen does not make me want to see more of it.


No. Look how evolution / alien learning curve was presented.

Cover destructability did not meet expectations / promise until now.

Floating base was later on promised to be included later, but there is one DLC to go, and if its just floating base - you are free to skip it.

I can agree more to this.

I dont know how money equalize in quality game, I am not really sure about that. I ve seen expensive AAA titles that just flop and Indie - home brew games like Tetris that conquer.

On selected arguments and factuals. But not including reasonable criticism.

I have similar issue with flying combat - one in old Xcom 1994 has more options and is more engaging. If 10 000 people buy 10$ pass, how does 100 000 dollars translate to bad air combat (Korto Malteze @oSiyeza logic and arguments.

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Problem is not budged or content mostly.

For example, the soldiers skills, they are all over the place… I mean if you could just some of them swap between classes, you would have much more fan classes with more logical and tactical options.

Heavy got melee bashing when he got already most powerful guns,
Assault got the dash when Berserker need it most for melee,
and many more combinations…

So even there is very limited content at many aspects, still the main problem is design…

SG did not even just add a new aircraft model at a DLC about aircombat and just texture swapped an old one like a lazy modding attempt. This is just the biggest example how much “budged” they put into those DLC’s…


So what’s a good meal to you? If you go to a restaurant and order something that is. More = better? Quality = better? Nifty little inedible features scattered on the dish?

Using that analogy, I for one am purely about the food quality when it comes to praise given. I couldn’t care less about garnishes, despite those restaurants often charging 10x more for 5x less (makes me think of your typical AAA game, and I’m exaggerating numbers here all throughout)… nor do I really want (and definitely won’t praise) the food from that diner that seemingly could feed a family of four with one plate, because nearly all of their food was frozen and just reheated (very much Phoenix Point)… but I’ll definitely eat it if I’m hungry. That rarity that I adore are the independent restaurants where the chef really puts in a lot of effort to make some top quality dishes, all with fresh and locally sourced ingredients… ripe fruit/vegetables, freshly butchered meat, etc. (Faster Than Light comes to mind)

Yes! It does, doesn’t it? Yet, functionally, it’s no different than what original Xcom offered, other than “where is my close-range shredding autocannon that fires 3 shots a second?!” - Why is the balance nonexistent? Everything is 13s cooldown. Everything has the same ammo capacity. Half baked again. Once again, original xcom wins on all fronts. A game made for DOS. I honestly found that more fun (with no graphics even! - effort is being put in all the wrong places… does anyone really think good graphics = better game?)… An additional thought is “The interception music in Festering Skies is boring as fuck”

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Fun part is, I talked about that 2 months ago at fs development with sg to use something like the old xcoms classic one. We even shared some YouTube clips at discord. They said they will not use it but will have something cool.

We all know the result…