Implement Ironman and impossibility to save in tactical missions

In my opinion, this kind of games are to be played in ironman mode, to player real feel the loss of an important soldier and forcing him to assume his bad decisions. Save scam just destroy this important feel.

Even if optional, to hardcore players, this feature should be present.

And, in Legendary (and maybe Hero) difficulty levels, should be always impossible to save in tactical battles. If it goes wrong and someone dye, player must assume it, if no ironman, at least, force player to restart mission. Saving at ending of all turns as no merit and again, destroy a core point of the game.

The uncertain… the fear to loss. It should be present… savescam should not be an option.

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This is your opinion. Nothing wrong with that. If an optional “ironman” was added, I would not care, even if I personally see it as a waste of developer effort because a player can enforce it themselves by just not loading/saving. But a request for an option is not a problem to those like me who would never use it. Either way…

You play as you enjoy.

I hold the opposite opinion. I think games are for fun, something I do for relaxation after a hard day at work, after the evening meal and spending time with my partner, for an hour before I go to bed, or perhaps for an hour on Saturday afternoon after watching the football. Fun is not wasting 30 hours of effort and then wasting it because I misclick and get a soldier or two killed. Fun is restored by simply reloading if I do that. I reload a lot. I reload when I want to. You don’t get a say as to when I get to reload, I will do it on my terms.

I play as I enjoy.

Now you crossed the line. This is not asking for an optional feature, this is asking for your playstyle to be ENFORCED on all other players.

This is not personal, I have seen this attitude many times in many games over the last 20 years+. People who feel only THEIR playstyle matters, and everyone else is just wrong.

How would you like it, if the game forced you to reload every time a soldier died - and you had no choice? Removing all options to do otherwise? I suspect based on your post, you would not like it. It would be enforcing a playstyle you hated on you. I could make up some dumb reasons why you needed to be forced to, but you would just walk away.

I play on Legend difficulty, because I want to have that many enemies and that game speed. But I still load/save as often as I like? Am I “wrong”? Because you say so? I know you can come up with all your reasons why you do not like that, but why must those reasons matter to me? Remember the part about each player playing the way they enjoy?

Why would the devs listen to such a selfish request, to remove an option from the game that some players find fun, because one subset of players wants to enforce their playstyle on everyone else?

It is sheer arrogance to assume your way of playing is “better”.

I get this is your opinion.

But this request must be ignored, obviously, because it will drive away half (or more) of the playerbase (including me), and the game company will lose a lot of money.


You are right, this is my oppinion, just that, and i sayed it in the first sentence.

Anyway, maybe i have not express myself well… actually there are no ironman option, at least in battles it should have.

But, of course as this is a Single Player game, everyone play as want to play. If you like to load a previous save everytime a thing goes wrong, you are in right to do it. It is a different game experience… for me that is like cheating, but as i said previously, that is only my oppinion and nothing more than that.

I feel you.
While more options is very useful, that would be nice challenge - a hardest difficulty with no in mission save (while restart should be left be in case something gets really screwed beyond control). I do understand the feel one desires for - in original UFO created by unabalanced overpower aliens used to have in beginning (Plasma tech vs rifles or crysalis appearance, even snakeman or lobsterman). Feeling of terror or hardship. No other modern xcom game has so far recreated it from Xcom 1994 and Terror from deep. Ironman mode was poor replacement.

I would prefer that for hardest difficulty then e.g. artificial limits currently set in legendary like recruits with not even a piece of armor or boss enemies appearing on special missions.

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I fully agree with you… that game experience is impossible to repeat… real frightining and challenging games at superhuman difficulty.

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Maybe not, but they go “where Fireaxis XCom” has gone before, as new gen of players like feeling overpowered to challenged. Length of campaign does not substitute it, or jumpy Pandorans evolution.
In fact evolution of Pandorans is promised to be more challenging and if done in small leaps but more intelligently and with more enemy variaty, could bring both horror and challenge.

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There were times when I missclicked, resulting in very stupid tactical situations.
Besides there is always a slight chance for some fatal bug during the game.
I think I did reload 2 or 3 times in my current playthrough, but I would hardly call that save scamming.

All in all I think it is good to have saves. If you don’t want them - just don’t reload.

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Tha´s why i suggested ironman only in tactical battles. This prevent fatal bugs in campaign.

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