I actually quite liked "The Gift" mission

I was having a hell a time with this mission. I kept on getting swamped with enemies about halfway between me and the ship. At first I thought the mission was just broken, but then I realized that I wasn’t paying enough attention to geography of the map. I was finally able to beat this mission after carefully plotting a route that reduced enemy LOS as much as possible. Things got really tense once enemies started spawning from behind as well, but I was still able to barely escape with all my dudes.

Honestly I think it was the most fun I’ve had with PP in a while. Nice work!


Mission was quite fun!

Nice new challenge.

The invite to get an extra Manticor with the following consequences feels like “trolling”/trap…

I’d recommend waiting almost to the end of 14days mission expiration to start mission and use time to build up/extra Manticor.

That is “meta-gaming” I know, but really think SG activates this too soon.

Legendary. Went gameday 11 and sent Big Bad to sea day 18 after some havock…

Also think that this is one of the most interesting missions in the game. But yes it is triggered too soon in the campaign.

But I also understand SG. Postponing this mission for too long would create impression in players that there is not much of new content related to Festering Skies in the game. Many would complain that game doesn’t offer anything new for too long.

Agreed. There aren’t many nail-biters in PP that aren’t caused by player error. It’s easily the best prepared mission. Kinda makes me want more reinforcements on scavenger missions (but not soldier rescues, those are already hard, sometimes infuriatingly so).

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I agree, very intense, although when you engage same day it appears you can play with low WP from Arthrons.

Also as usual using a vehicle or a “Winged Monkey” prevents any challenge.

Winged Monkey during The Gift


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Seems like it could fail with just a MG burst from an Arthron or such.

Also quite “Meta-gaming” to send a lone Heavy to recive a gift/doing mission.
Knowing how it has been with lairs, it is too bad SG doesn’t concider this.

I agree, well I send one soldier to City Upon a Hill, evac first turn, and Tobias is so furious that I get my war with NJ instantly