I'd love to see Armor Tiers

I have long been wondering why there are no tiers of armor to be researched. I think, at least to me, that it would make sense for armor tech to improve as the enemy evolves their weaponry and their own defenses. Instead it seems the factions are only focused on offense, offense and offense despite having gone into a bunker mentality with how the havens are structured.

For me it’s a missed opportunity as it would also have made it more of a choice how to use the sparing resources we have.


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The original design goal was that there are no “better” weapons and armor, just “different”, so if the enemy is highly armored, you will use a “less damage but more armor pierce/shred” weapon, and same could be said about armor, tradeoffs between accuracy/movement/defensive/etc. values.

Now with enemies not at all reacting to your tactics and magic spells making your soldiers superheroes who can destroy anything easily, investing into offense makes sense, if the enemy is dead/doesn’t have a functional offensive weapon, no need for better defensive armor.

You can “research” different armors from factions, so from the players POV you do get some progression for armors, the difference is just less noticeable (how many will actually feel the increased accuracy unless you have “both” soldiers against the same target-size…).