I need help BIG TIME

Ok. So now I’ve restarted the game for the 6th time. This time on easy. Been playing for about 10 hours now and I’m thinking of restarting cus I don’t have weapon tech to deal with scryllas that just started to turn up in a “save the haven” mission.

How am I supposed to play this game?

I have playing a bit defensive. I tried to keep the factions happy and balanced. As I progress further with one faction while keeping the others in positive relations with PP they suddenly want to kill eachother. What a dumbass thing to do when there is a common threat. In real life, even humans would have to realize that bickering would have to wait until after the big threat is gone. Well well, after they started fighting scryllas turned up everywhere and sirens gallore. No chance, i restarted. This happened twice, I can’t deal with the scryllas. I don’t know have to deal that much damage. I have no soliders on lvl 7 at this point so no cheesing with the stupid sniper/heavy combo. I should though it feels bad relying on the same combo for all endgame fights.

Lairs is a chore. I either just die - or cheese it. I had a berserker/assult combo with 20 will, ran all the way to the spawnery and killed it in two turns. Some lairs this tactic has not worked though i’d rather uninstall and wait a year for mods or updates to properly balance this kind of mechanics. Eternal spawning too, what a joke - but thats another story.

How do you guy’s balance these things and how do you get to kick som alien butt?
When do i pick sides with a faction? When do you start stealing research? When do you do and when do you not clear lairs and nests? What combination of soliders are your main team? How many teams should I optimally have? I keep recruiting all the time but have to fill up my bases with living quarters just to have enough of them to survive an attack.
Do you completely ignore vehicles? The mutant dog is so crappy. Only 40 dmg with main attack? and to daze it has to bring the enemy down on HP for it to work properly anyway. Waste of space.
The only ok vehicle seems to be the scarab. But past the first nest spawn they seem unable to deal with anything.Waste of space too.

I need mods! Or xcom 4.

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The factions going to war with each other is inevitable. They are playing politics in the apocalypse.

for clearing nests, I clear them as soon as they show up as nests merge together to form lairs (spawns sirens and chirons), which merge together to form citadels (spawns scylla)

Beyond that I haven’t gotten deep enough into the game to give good advice, though cheesing things seems to be the way to go.

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Haven’t cheesed.
I wen’t wide ASAP. New bases. Only resoures. Trade food for resources Ignore other continent.
Steal planes immediatelly when game starts.
Have multiple squads asap. Even without armor. Exploration to get stuff.
Build my own gear.
Only fight when necessary.
Only scavange when team has enough space to take it all and speed maxed, so it can rush and leave.
I restart map when I see that the crates are not placed well, so I get better layout.
Only explore nearby.
No base defense. (announcment when attacks gives enough time to return).
I dont spend money for more buildings, I take new base an repair only (mainly).
Squads usally are about 30% sniper, 20% heavy, 30% assault (close range weapon, later on give 2AP to sniper) and the rest whatever I can find in faction class.
I always trade food-> resources.
Nests I attack immediatelly.
In the start I play wide, later I focus on 2 squads that have more and more armor piercing powers. But early to mid game, you can win with mass easily. Don’t even need armor for your guys if you break line of sight properly and then do a decisive push when the enemy is just about to be in range. Late game however, you need shred stuff to deal with the thick armor.

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Don’t underestimate vehicles and mutogs. Mutogs are basically free. They make great garrisons, but you need at least 1 soldier defending as well or the base is lost. Either is great for filling out all but the synydrion ship. Vehicles reload for free after the mission, though you lose the opportunity for SPs. A mutog can take on a scallia with support. It does damage while sponging which frees up your soldiers to whittle the scalia down while staying safe from being skewered. Vehicles keep you safe from mind control. Load up a heavy armed with a hammer and have some fun!

For factions I don’t pick sides. I steal ships, but that is all, and the game is perfectly winnable like this.

Also, if I got the mutation system right, it is beneficial to not fight if not necessary. They get points for mutations when damaged.

If missions don’t require to elminate all opposition, I rush the objective. Taking some hits is fine.
First thing I max on every soldier is speed, before I do abilities. Then I do strength and only vital abilities.

I do the exact opposite. WP and strength, then speed. Without WP, one is prone to panic and MC. Without Strength, not able to take many hits.


WP is essential otherwise bad hits will restrict what your squad can do on the battlefield.

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There is no special scylla weapon. By time they appear you should have at least one team with high level soldiers

  • Do as many missions and enhance the team by abilities first. Save SPs for abilities, then when you get few that you wish, you can add speed, strenght and WP to them. I usually get dash and RF and then wait to multiclass to sniper for assaults
  • To do many missions, heal with medikits in missions and do missions until stamina is quite low that you get warned soldiers are exhausted. Only then return to base
  • Obtaining 2nd ship either by spending first 1000 materials on it, or once by stealing is essential. You get lot of resources from fast exploration. Save often, and you can reload for ambush missions and avoid them quite long, getting a lot from 2nd ship exploration.
  • Build living quaters as soon as you reach having 8 soldiers. Obtain soldiers by saving them, recruiting from heavens, your own recruitment.
  • Dont steal tech but reverse engeener by getting 2 soldiers of same kind, stripping them off armor and for weapons one can be enough. Some weapons will be obtained after some special missions

When dealing with Scyla:

  • Have few Snipers with any better rifle, use ability to shoot twice and MARK OF DEATH first.
  • Use granades and explosives after mark of death, then snipe to same point and max your squad
  • If you obtained ship that can carry 7 or 8 soldiers go with all of them, or join 2 ships. Each soldier counts
  • I usually do head and legs first, but some people like to destroy the point they breed
  • Bring a lot of ammo and medikits to lair, go to high points, if visible destroy eggs and smaller part first. Cover your ass with few soldiers while retreating by overwatching after move, spawning points near evac zones
  • I pick fractions by pure lack of discovery and enemy attacks on their heavens. But pay attention to answers, they often spoil relations. Learn them by playing or read Wiki what will happen after special missions
  • Second ship that explores can have vehicle and two soldiers, its great to survive ambushes and get experience for soldiers. Some people use vehicle and 3/4 soldiers in bigger ship for scavange. Otherwise, equipped and trained squad is worth more.
  • I find Synd vehicle that can heal great

There are great mods. But I try to live without em.

In the early game enemies are not dangerous. At least for me. I just outrun them, outflank them. And use cover. That is why I max speed first. Later on, when Sirens appear, WP is important, but by that time I have 3 bases and 2 continents fully explored, since I go wide, not tall.

But I have to say, that I like that the game seems to work with many different strategies, which means the people that say otherwise just need to improve their skillz :smiley:

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