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I am finding the game pretty heavy going to be honest, early in the backer build I would agree that just Crabmen were too easy, despite their uncanny ability to hit you with their machine gun, even if you are in partial cover.

Now… Now is a different story, I keep the team relatively close to each other and always make use of available cover, I try to setup overlapping fields of fire at the end of my turn, so that I get some fire down on any enemy that moves into it. Have the Crabmen (see my comment about ‘too easy’ above) been replaced completely? - I now have fish/lizards that crawl in and if they get hit will go invisible and move, this doesnt seem to affect their ability to almost unerringly headshot my troops (even if they are in partial cover) from the other side of the map

The Heavy guy, with the Hel Cannon? couldnt hit a barn if he was standing in it

I have even tried dialling the game down to its lowest difficulty and I still have issues.

SO! - either I am crap at it and should stick to XCom2 OR - I am not alone in my misery.

It doesnt stop me playing the game and losing troops hand over fist and restarting over and over again, because despite the above, I do enjoy the game

hide behind high cover - this is first tactic vs enemy snipers

you need to get close to enemy. But if you want better accuracy, you will need to swap his armor and/or train him with second class as a sniper


Generally if you crouch behind low cover, you head will be popping out making it a prime target for anyone who shoots at you. I am still getting to grips with how to use it effectively.

I do like Hellcanon. It is not a weapon to be used on small enemies. However, then facing a bigger threat, it’s been a lifesaver. I have been lucky enough to roll rifle perk for my heavy so he’s been also running with a rifle. Just equipped him with a granade launcher instead, though it is an expensive toy.

Thanks for your help, I think that I may have discovered part of my issue…

It looks like I was running the Backer Build and not the released game.

Looking at peoples streams on YT, I see a totally different ‘tutorial’ to the one I had, so a delete and reinstall is happening and lets see how I go

It is still true in release version.

Let go of what XCOM taught you. PP is a whole different experience.

The Triton snipers are brutal. Stay out of LOS. Remember, you can move, shoot, and move again. Use this to your advantage.

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The Hel Canon is a close-range weapon, which is pretty devastating if you use it properly. It’s also why they give it to the Heavy, who has enough armour to get in close. Use your Heavy’s JetPack to Jump close to your target - but DON’T land in LOS of him. Best thing to do is lurk completely out of sight behind a wall and make him run towards you. Then you can step out on your turn and one-shot him with your cannon. It’s also a great house-cleaner, because rooms are short range close target environments.

I also tend to equip my Heavy with a pistol - preferably a Synedrion Laser Pistol cos they’re more powerful. That means the Heavy has some Overwatch/fire capability when running into range of his/her cannon.

The other big mistake everyone new to this game makes - especially if they come from XCOM - is forgetting that you can take one step, then fire, then continue moving! So when you take cover, DON’T hunker down in LOS of your enemy, unless you have a powerful-enough weapon to set a one-shot Overwatch. Instead, lurk 1 square back from the edge of the building, or completely out of sight behind the crates. Set up a kill zone of overlapping overwatches, so that if they come to you they walk into a wall of fire - and if they don’t, only step up to the plate and stick your head over the parapet when you want to take a shot.

There are a lot of people complaining at the moment that cover in this game sucks. It only sucks if you try to play XCOM with it and sit in your enemy’s killzone. Use it the way this game allows, and it’s pretty damn neat in my experience.

An example: I was getting hammered in the Synedrion First Haven Mission - the one where you are fighting infiltrators. I only had 3 Peeps and my Sniper kept getting picked off by an ever increasing number of pistol dudes. So I bugged the Sniper out and ran her right round the corner of the building, where she set up a rotating Medkit line with my Heavy until the enemy got too close. Meanwhile, my Assault lurked 1 square back from the corner of the building with his AR set on Overwatch.
Perp comes round the corner, bish - OW hit. Perp shoots me back - bash, Medkit line peps me back up. Now it’s my turn: he’s already down cos of my OW, so 1 shot takes him out and I can set up OW again. Meanwhile, my Heavy steps out of the corner on the other side and one-shots the guy who’s run across the room with her cannon. Pretty soon, the Perps are down to one guy left who bleeds out before he even reaches me, and my guys have only taken 1 hit.

My point is, a lot of people are complaining cos they lurk in soft cover in range of multiple enemies, or run point blank up to a bunch of guys with RF and are surprised when they get slaughtered. Don’t do that. Use the terrain and your Overwatch zones to your advantage, and things start to get less punishing.


Great response dood, given me much to think about and try, I was never really that close to rage quitting :slight_smile:

Yeah, noticed that - I think the differences that I saw on YT were due to the level they were playing on? They started with 2 guys and had to get to a Scarab that was parked over the other side of the map