Gungnir SR question

I just equipped that SR and am heavily disappointed.

It deals only 110 damage and 50 Virophage.
What is the 50 Virophage? I shot a Synedrion soldier with it and dealt only 110 damage.

Check the lore on it (Phoenixpedia). The virophage only hurts the Pandoravirus directly, so the extra damage will only proc on Pandorans and mutated humans. I’m not sure if it works on unmutated Anu soldiers or not, perhaps somebody else can confirm.

AFAIK the extra damage from Virophage is applied directly to base damage, and only affects enemies with Pandoran DNA (e.g. Pandas and mutated Anu soldiers and Mutogs). So it would do 110 against humans/vehicles, and 110+60=170 against the aforementioned enemies with Panda DNA.

Also I believe Virophage is currently broken and doesn’t actually apply the extra damage, or applies armour separately to the weapon’s base damage and to Virophage damage causing it to deal much less damage than expected. If so (I haven’t gotten far enough in the game to test it myself), they’re actually just slightly worse as-is than the basic PX sniper.

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What about the weapons of the Pandorans?

Do I deal the Virophage extra damage to them too?

I`m asking because I hit a machinegun of an Arthron and dealt only 90 damage.

And I don`t have the feeling, that the extra virophage damage is dealt towards the Pandas.
Can someone here confirm, that it works for him/her?

I agree with you. Can`t confirm any extra damage on Pandorans.

In this topic you will find how virophage works at the Moment

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Thank you, that answered many questions.

But how is damage calculated, when I`m shooting at a weapon in the hand of the Triton or Arthron?
Is it calculated like the bodypart damage?