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Hi Vojin,

Refunds are done by the seller whom you payed for the product that you want to refund not by developer of the product. You need to contact the store where you bought the game (EGS, STEAM, GOG etc).

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|to support

No, I wish to deal directly with you since I find SCG to be hed responsible for state of the game.

You are end recipient store is merely a platform. Its not a real store in traditional way.

If its not possible, I will complain to European association.

I am aware Epic and Steam do not have policy of refund on product being FUBAR,

but you do know state of game and can deal with reseller.

Vojin Vidanovic

Steam is protected by play time, but that is not the issue here.

In fact I have been using faulty product over time, so lenght of time used
can be a refund argument (not functional as advertised) in real world.

I fully understand why Steam has such policy, and its great for OTHER FUNCTIONAL products I own, but that is not “heart of the case” here.

We’re reviewing your refund request and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phoenix Point - Expansion Pass
Phoenix Point - Festering Skies DLC
Phoenix Point - Expansion Pass
Purchased: May 25 CEST
Refund request: 12,49€ to your MasterCard

You can cancel the request before it’s reviewed or view your refund request from the Help Request page at

Requests are considered on a case by case basis and are not typically issued for purchases of released products that are more than 14 days old, or if the purchased product has more than 2 hours of playtime. For in-game items the refund period is 48 hours and the item must not have been consumed, modified, or transferred.

Same manner, Epic does not allow even refund request. But issue is not playtime related. So we are back to support here.

Click to expand the order and to see Playtime.
If the game is eligible for a self refund, there will be a Request Refund button.

Dear Mr. Batman,

Your advices are so far no good,

No, you have knowingly send me where I will be denied of refund.
I am well aware of Steam and Epic refund policies, they are designed to protect shop in NORMAL circumstances, but are not prepared for HALF-USABLE products.

Also, in GAMEPLAY related issues Steam redirects to you:

We’re sorry to hear you are having trouble with this game.
Here is information from the Store and Community that we hope will help you find a solution.

Support for this product is provided by:

Official Support


Product Website

Product Forums

How flagging to devs really help?

|### Vojin Vidanovic|11:11 AM (0 minutes ago)||

to support


No refund button available. Issue is not playtime, but severe bugs of game


as stated in my request to you

Why sending me knowlignly where I will be denied?

Its not support

How to resolve this in civic manner?

I am not requesting more funds then value of my Epic and Steam purchases.

Sure. If bug and corto situation persist within 60 days I call for players strike in form of

  • Uninstalling game from epic and steam until we are all told bugs are fixed
  • Changing positive reviews to negative
  • No further funding
  • Selling Epic and Steam gifrs on kinguin or for free
  • Also, Jullian should tell us about his experience of game playthrough till the end in present form, even no DLCs, AI and evolution.

Official feedtool
Since he promoted I bullshit for first time in our parallel timeline and lifetime.

I herby, will first give away 2 PPs and older studio game I have

On my own I purchased Epic, Steam, twice all DLCs avail on time. I had no cash at time of KS, otherwize would be some VIP supporter.

I like idea of development in Bulgaria, али браћо да се работи како Бог заповеда.

On emotional level, its still LSQ brainchild futher away in time and I promote it.
I hope we can resolve this as win-win, not as studio failure

Cortio is Profile - oSiyeza - Snapshot Games Forums

Bug and corto situation?

I don’t mean to be rude. I just don’t know what you mean. This feels like it’s referring to another thread, that I haven’t read.

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See Bugs 2011

See Corto
You are right! Included links!

Added Official feedtool

Sorry. Again, I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t recognize the word “Corto” (in Spanish it means “short”, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you mean).

From context, I would guess “moderation issues”, “forum issues”, or possibly “courtesy issues”. Is one of those what you mean?

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Hmm… We have had an opinion (:stuck_out_tongue:, wink wink) difference with @oSiyeza but I wouldn’t say he is the one that misbehave, is unreasonable, spams, does personal attacks and plagues this place…

Also, I don’t think anyone cares about avatars and no one will ever link name Corto to him. You have used that name even in Canny post, like it was something obvious and SG knew what you are talking about. :stuck_out_tongue: I am pretty sure this whole campaign will backfire and you won’t be happy with result.

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Was the person who described this as a “chill place” messing with me? It’s a confusing place, but a “chill place”? I’m beginning to think that no one here uses the same definition I do for any word at all. :thinking:


Oh, be my guest, I don’t mind. :slight_smile: There’s Ignore option in PreferencesUsers.

Now that you mention it, I find hilarious that some of us here thought you are trouble minded, right? :crazy_face: Here’s hell of “Hold me a beer” proof they’re very, very wrong… :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, even players have right to strike, if devs ignore reality.

Hope this will became a chill place :slight_smile: And yes, you are filtered.

Addendum: Unflitered when started communicating with less sarcasm, not so well hidden.

Lol :joy:
That was probably me. This was a pretty chilled place until about 2 weeks ago.
Sure, there was the occasional flame war, but one of the things I really liked about this forum was that people could debate the pros and cons of the game without automatically degenerating into personal abuse just because someone disagreed with them - and without accusing the devs of being devious fraudsters just because they hadn’t managed to fix everything yet.

It used to be a lot less toxic than the petty childishness you usually encounter on Reddit or Steam.

But something happened about a fortnight ago, and the atmosphere suddenly went horrendously toxic on some threads.

I dunno, I don’t like it very much, but was Festering Skies really that bad? :laughing:


Thus my request to discipline Corto. And I am sorry I look like troublemaker,
but something radical has to be done. I (and I am sure its not only me) am utterly disappointed with basic bugs still present after latest update and DLC.

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Well there are 2 things to be said there, and I doubt you are going to like either of them.

The first is I’ve been following oSiyeza with interest since he came onto this forum, bc he often has a lot of interesting things to say. And I have to tell you that oSiyeza only ever attacks back when someone has had a go at him first. He will call them out for it and won’t back down from a fight. So if you pitch in against him, you have to expect him to fight his corner and fight it hard, but other than forensically eviscerating someone’s argument until they are reduced to calling him names, I have yet to see him actually start any of the fights he’s in.

The other is that the devs have just been up to their necks in a pretty major DLC, no matter what you might think of it. Someone on another post pointed out - quite validly I think - that the DLC schedule is getting in the way of basic maintenance of this game. But it is also a sad fact of gaming life that DLC is where the new revenue comes from, so day-to-day maintenance of a game often has to take second place to that - plus the fact that PP is painfully aware that it owes its players DLC3 as compensation for the Epic bargain.

No-one’s happy with the bugginess of this game, and I wish you well with your crusade, though I’m not going to take part in it. But I have said before and I’ll say again, to the best of my knowledge, the devs are working through the bugfix list but there are a lot of them and they are going to take time.


I am very sorry @rasvoja, but this is not radical, this is absurd and hilarous. :smiley:


No, state of game is absurd in hilarious, this is effect.

Hope you like Monthy Phytons and have seen movie “Brasil”

Also I am looking to your proposal of win-win situation.

60 days is well enough if mind and muscles are put to it.

Havent noted him until recently and all I can see is him unresonably defending game state with imagined arguments and attacking others incl. me. But I am late for that party.

Please sanction attack on him equally, but NO moderation is wost choice.

Drop the DLC scheme to fix bugs - ask players and I am sure most will agree.

I Vojin Vidanovic herby give endless consent to delay DLC5 I have pre-purchased via season pass to fix basic bugs

I can send that with all legal data.

Its not crusade, its end effect. And it hasnt started there is fair timeline of 60 days.

Dont forget Julian! We are all keen hearing on his play-through and opinions but of today
If you were a real player, you would consent :slight_smile:

You, responding to every single topic just to post the same link over and over again, have to stop. This is not helpful at all. This is spam, nothing more but spam.

I don’t think there is other way to handle this, but to ask the only community manager we have. @Valygar, can you do something about it? This is really getting out of hand.

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Ahhhh … why havent you panicked like that to defend Corto? :slight_smile: After all I am just responding. Stop writting is one solution.

And please propose other solution then mine, how to squash the bugs,
since I lost faith in devs over years of playthrough.

And you are nominated for filtering for panicking. Dont be so soft,Slavic brother!

I have been around since BB5 and what is enough is enough!

You dont feel the same?

And you are Xcom 1994 vet :slight_smile: on PC or Amiga?

Just like those 1994 Rookies that would panic after a single hit!

Ras, what’s got into you? You used to be such a cheery chap, I always looked forward to your posts on this forum.

I’m only half-joking when I say I think you should change your avatar back to the cute penguin with the scarf. You were so much happier then. :grin:

This new rockin’ rasta-spaceman persona doesn’t suit you.