How to mod game to start in Europe every time?

I know you can restart the game, that is NOT what I am looking for. I already restart to get 4 starting soldiers with some skills that I like. So restarting to get Europe AND some soldiers I like is getting pretty frustrating. We should have been able to pick our first base included with the game from the beginning. Anyone know what file I need to mod to make Europe either the only starting base or raise the percentage that it is chosen at the start of a new game?

why Europe particularly?

I got very used to starting in Europe playing my XCOM games over the last 25 years, and lately it even crossed over to Xenonauts. Now I can’t seem to feel right starting in any other region, kinda sucks.

you need to go out of your comfort zone :smiley: Africa or Asia is quite the same in Phoenix Point. You have the same landmass available.

but seriously you will do better asking this question on discord mod channel

Thank you, I will use the discord link in the main menu, have a good day.