How to intercept a flyer?

Hi! I am playing Festering Skies and can’t figure out one thing: how can I intercept a Pandoran flyer? The map shows one active flyer and one I hover pointer over it I get its stats, but don’t see any option to initiate attack. Do I need to wait for some sort of a mission?

Once the Pandoran flyer is at a site, doing whatever its mission is, you can send an airship to that site, just like when you go to any location. Once there, like when you have an ‘Explore’ option, you will have an additional option. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be off the gaming rig for a week or so, so I will not be able to check it myself, but does it mean there is no way to intercept pandoran mid-flight?

Correct, one can only engage at POI.

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Don’t pay attention to that detail. :wink:


Haven’t got there yet, just started the campaign and went through the tutorial (I like it).

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Nice to see you back on the road :slight_smile:

Have fun, some things went to the better than in the past, still many things left to argue about :smiley:

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The major difference for me right now is the change to overwatch. So much better!! Changes the tactical part a lot!


Thanks, that’s indeed what happened - after some time a mission popped up.