How to beat that threat?


I’m not sure how to manage that!

Wow, surprisingly easy, only 2 light injuries.

Blessed be the hel cannon and rage burst. Managed to kill all 3 chirions at the first aliens turn with return fire.

I feel you!

Then, truth to be told if you have sniper+assult with shotgun one soldier could clear like half of this in one turn, maybe even kill some big ones.

On the other side, this will happen very often and become quite exhaustive (time-consuming and not really fun) to deal with this amount of enemies.

PS: return fire works with hell canon? I thought it should not work for this gun.

Return fire works with hel cannon, yes, not as efficient as with sniper but more fun. :slight_smile:

Oh, 2 Soldiers wouldn’t be enough for it, you just see 19 aliens, on the left side were some more. The tritons just used pistols and the sirens doesn’t used mind control, only 1 chirion fired. It could have been much harder.

With a NJ Fury it would have been really fun to blow them all up so close together. :slight_smile:

Most time consuming was an big alien nest, don’t know took like 1-2 hours, really much aliens on a big map.