How often do u guys attack other factions?

Kinda bored of facing the same aliens every mission so I want to try something new.

I feel your boredom. Too many damn crabs and squids. And they all have the exact same loadout on the mission. They should have at least made them vary a bit from one another in a mission. I understand that they’re evolving and what not, but - aside from being less fun, realistic evolution wouldn’t come in homogenous waves like that. I picked on Anu every chance I got in the beginning to jump start my economy, until I got too busy chasing the actual game objectives. Supposedly we’re at war but they never attack my bases.

I don’t know if you played XCOM Apoc back in the day, but screwing over Cult of Sirius right off the bat was how I always made my riches.

I would raid more but my understanding is this is a race against the red bar, and I don’t know how much time I have to mess around. I wish there was a way to bring the red meter down, or reach a point of dominance in the game where you are no longer racing to complete objectives.