How is acid post-derleth update?

I took a break from PP after too many acid mortar strikes to the noggin (and everywhere else). I would like to know how the acid feels, does it feel more balanced?

For me they are fine. They don’t even remove whole armor in one turn. :slight_smile: I would even say that they are too weak right now. :smiley: But acid system will probably change again.

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Ahh… not it is perfect! Acid should not be as it was, we all know that. But this change has actually made the game enjoyable again! I don’t think it needs to change…:slight_smile:

It is easier now, for sure, and with Motion Detection Module damage is not over the roof like it was before, one technician can manage it perfectly for the squad

I like the new system, I have always penalty bc I like to use Bionics, but it’s my choice

It is almost too weak now for everything but the acid worm. With the acid worm you can still get one-shotted if you have 2 bionics.

I was so traumatised by the acid attack on the bionic soldiers with the previous acid attack that I won’t use them anymore. But the acid is definitely gentle now. It doesn’t terrorise me anymore. So perhaps I should be building bionics again. But they’re a bit expensive, but great value for the heavy soldier mixed builds.

I love them… the first thing I do to all my men is put the “mind control” head on I hate being mind controlled and it stops the fraggers! then I put the anti goo legs and we set…:slight_smile: Perfect team, can’t get mind controlled and can’t get gooed! …:slight_smile:


same here, I take the risk with acid using augmentations,

about Goo I provide Armadillo Legs too, for Heavy soldiers, but I research Goo Repeller Module for the rest of squaddies asap

you can use Jet Jump to get away, unless you give them other armor than heavy.

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Armadillo provides Armor 40, and I don’t need to spend 3 AP to move my Heavies

This is correct… but you can’t walk through it which sometimes is a good thing to have if you need to move only a square or two to get the shot…