How I wish Reverse engineering worked

Most people that read my stupid ideas know that one of my bigger sticking points with PP is the lack of variety. In service that, this is what I wish Reverse engineering did: You RE a given weapon or armor or item, then you gain not only the ability to build it, but ALSO a new research topic that lets you develop an improved PX variant of said item. Not only do we get more toys, but PX also gets a little bit more of an identity of its own. It also gives you a reason to RE items from a faction you’re already friendly with, and let’s you feel like PX isn’t just a vulture operating off the scraps of others.


Forget it. It would be too good for this game. Devs didn’t want to design something actually good. Sometimes i wonder where did all those money, backers gave them go.


It does seem really silly how it is now. Why on earth would you reverse engineer technology and then reproduce its application down to the casing?

It would make a lot more sense for reverse engineering to only unlock our own PP version of the tech, or a different application.

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Wow, aren’t you a peach !

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Good suggestion, I would like more research and variants of weapons, armor etc

I’m not sure reverse engineering should work differently.
Let’s take the sniper rifle as an example.
PP has an average sniper rifle. Synedrion masters laser tech and has better accuracy. NJ masters gauss and has better damage but worst accuracy.
So there are trade-offs and PP AIs are probably not as good as Synedrion’s at making laser tech better.

Unfortunately, the abilities are on the weapons, not the ammo. I’d like to see different types of ammo.

  • gauss weapons: high damage - low accuracy
  • ballistic weapons: medium damage - medium accuracy
    • piercing ammo
    • shredding ammo
    • acid ammo
  • laser weapons:
    • focused beam research: adds piercing
    • improved power cells research: adds damage
  • darts: low damage - high accuracy & piercing
    • paralyze dart
    • virus dart
    • poison dart

Sure, but by the same token… PX learns Synedrion rifle tech - PX can now make PX Laser rifle that has piercing. PX then picks up NJ rifle tech and now can make PX rifle^2 that has piercing and extra damage. Doesn’t really matter how it’s done, aside from the game being built around weapons having effects and not ammo, so it seems easier to have mixed research done thst way.


I like that idea. It feels like a different way of introducing the weapon customisation you get in XCOM/LW2. They do it by adding specialised ammo and weapon attachments, but Snapshot would probably be better served using its limited resources simply ‘reverse engineering’ its current tech tree program to produce a PP variant of a reverse engineered weapon.

I suggest you stop playing and leave this forum for people who actually want to help the devs improve this game then :zipper_mouth_face:

I definitely agree that PX should get their own research tree, incorporating various design elements from the other factions (and Pandas/Anu) - you get a basic version of this late game

Different ammo types is the best and easiest way to go about that imo. (and something I’d like to see anyway, to keep the relevance of early rifles etc)

I, on the other hand, believe that the reverse engineering process currently is pretty unbelievable. I think, you shouldn’t lose the weapon you’ve put up for research, but instead, you should only gain the ability to produce ammo for it. (How do you suddenly know how to perfectly reproduce something, that others have spent years researching, in a matter of hours?) - But, you should still gain some of that knowledge to be able to apply it to PX future projects

PP laser machine gun…
(PP can cross NJ and Syn technology to create new turrets and PDW. . . However, PP laser rifles, snipers, and machine guns cannot be manufactured.)