How does reloading works?

Sometimes I have to reload on the first move. Shouldn’t it be full when the fight starts?

AFAIK guns will automatic reload the ammo used if there is spare ammo remaining. If one of your soldiers guns ran out of ammo in a previous mission and you didn’t have enough spares, that could be the answer

Got it. The whole process is little bit confusing

  1. I haven’t found how to reload outside of the mission, I was only able to unload the ammo.
  2. It doesn’t auto reload spare ammo from soldiers backpack, cause a couple of times I started a mission with empty guns and ammo in backpacks.
  1. it does not, however I found out if you take out the gun and ammo to the inventory pool and than give the gun back to the soldier it will automatically reload the magazine. If you have spare ammo for the particular weapon in the inventory pool it will reload without the need to take the ammo from back pack.

Damn, we need a perk for the soldiers to auto reload from their backpacks while not on a mission.

Bit odd for highly professional phoenix point soldiers to forget to reload their gun before fighting a group of murderous lovecraftian enemies. Sure it’ll be changed.

If you do not have enough ammo in stock, it’s your fault… :wink:

Hey, I gave them all I had! Armourers were never so generous with me when I served in army.

@Kings_Rook already told you how it works, if you do not have enough spare ammo in stock after the mission, it will not fill your gun after the mission…
But if you think that it’s better to have 4 spare clips of ammo on a soldier and 0 spare ammo in stock, then do so…
Personally, I have primary weapon, 1 spare clip for primary weapons, 2 grenades, pistol and medikit on a soldier and I never ran out of a ammo on a mission. :wink:

It’s a pretty simple but not explained mechanic. Every time you complete a mission the game automatically replenishes all used ammo with the ammo you have on the storage (storage, not the backpack). You can see this in the small magazine icon at the bottom right corner of the weapon icon. If it is red it means it is empty, if it is white it means is loaded. Therefore; it is important to always keep making spare magazines in your storage or otherwise you will go to your mission with empty guns. Also, currently the only way to manually reload your weapons is by removing it and equipping it again with a full magazine in your stores.

I’m chronically low on ammo, so I’ve been affected by this. Didn’t really fully realize the equip/unequip trick to reload an empty firearm.

Damn, you are good!

Still, I see it as a flaw (bug), shouldn’t be any difference between the backpack and the storage.

the storage is the ammo back at base. the backpack is the spare rounds you want for that mission. if you want 2/3/however many mags of extra ammo in a mission, you’d keep that in the backpack and reload from the base. The only reason to pull from to backpack is if you base stores are empty.

However like everything else, this is a work in progress.