How do you sell excess equipment? I used to be able to

I have tons of useless equipment in my inventory that I used to be able to sell for resources. But the same buttons to sell them don’t work in my latest playthrough. Did Snapshot remove the ability to sell equipment? Did they change how you sell it?

Also, bonus questions:

Why can’t I find any Phoenix Point bases? I’ve fully mapped all of Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Not a single Phoenix Point base to bring online… Did they change this? I never had problems finding a second or third base before.

Why does my Research tab become unaccessible. It is greyed out and I can only access it now by clicking on “New Research Available” notices. Otherwise, I’d be entirely unable to queue things or reprioritize them for research. Still, that is few and far between so it is making it hard to research things in the best order…

you where never able to sell in any of the released versions, only scrap. and I’m unsure if the feature to sell was ever present in any of the beta versions before release

and you should still be able to scrap equipment, it should be accessible by dragging the item in inventory, where a window will open where you can drop it to scrap. or in the manufacturing screen where you can opt to disassemble.

phoenix bases should be visible as soon as you complete the phoenix archives research, they no longer have to be found and can only be remotely activated by paying a fee.

research tab inaccessible is a bug I havn’t heard yet. if you are using mods one may have screwed up something there. I agree this is extremely frustrating.

Scrap: that’s what I meant by “sell”.

I’m not talking about betas. Not sure what you mean by that. I’ve tried dragging it around and no window appears to scrap it like I remember from before. I will try the manufacturing screen though. Thanks for the suggestion and reply.

Ah, that would be why I can’t “find” them. As soon as it lets me access the research lab again, I will prioritize that. Yes, it is a frustrating bug. It’s as if some flag around the tutorial got set and it thinks I don’t have access to the Research lab yet. But I definitely did, and still do if I click on “New Research Available”.

yeah just after replying to your post I read a post of someone having a similar bug with the manufacturing screen that moved over to his research screen as well. he states its a tutorial bug. but I havn’t heard of that one before today.

for him it apparently resolved by restarting and skipping the tutorial, as least it seems that way as he just states he started another run

Yeah, not sure if it is easily reproducible, as this is my first time encountering this tutorial (haven’t played in a while). I remember the simple two step tutorial without any sort of story involved. I have to assume its not 100% reproducible or else it would have been caught. It seemed to happen when I unlocked a new researchable thing at the same time that I finished researching something else - about an hour after the tutorial was done. (So it wasn’t stuck as unresearchable since the tutorial. It happened well after).