How do I know the DLC is active?

Patch 1.7 Necronomicon shows Ancients DLC “Avaiable”, however there is no tick like on the other DLCs above it. Does that mean its not downloaded yet? Or New DLC-s like that? Or its special in some way and cannot be turned off? I was thinking of starting a new game with it, but im unsure if it will have it or not. Are there any tell tale signs that it is active once campaing started?

You should be able to tick it, as any other DLCs. Make sure it’s downloaded.

Ok, i couldn’t do the thing in the epic launcher cuz the game was running. Once i closed it i could go to manage addons and get it downloaded, thanks

P.S.: Can i get the full content with an active saved game, or I have to start a new one?

Unfortunately, to access the DLC content you gave to start a new campaign.