How do I find the Yugothian Receptacle?

I researched virophage(sp?) and got a message about finding the receptacle, but don’t see it on the map. Do I need to fly around scanning the whole globe or am I missing something obvious?


You need to do what is written in yellow on the left side of your screen.

I guess you researched “Pandoran Citadel” followed by “Yugothian Receptacle” and did the “Antarctica” mission.

I’d say you are potentially missing:

  • Capture a Siren and do a vivisection
    • The following research about a nodule (forgot the exact name)
  • Capture a Scylla and do a vivisection

Oh, and be aware that if you research “Virophage Injector” you’ll be locked into “Phoenix Point” ending.

Thank you! I’m still trying to capturea Siren