UI Tweaks - Willpower bar and Ammo bar

  1. Please make bar over each soldier on the field showing will points just like HP and armour. It would help to see at glance, if most of our soldiers are out of it, and if they would greatly benefit from completing the mission objective or using some “battle cry” skill.

  2. Under currently selected gun icon there is ammo bar which is sometimes misleading. For example assault rifle has there 4 squares. They correspond to 6 bullet shot. But after your soldier used overwatch shot or return fire shot, which both take 3 bullets, they don’t change. And when you think and calculate that your full burst shot has a chance of killing enemy, you can have a jaw drop after your soldier shoot only half burst. Could you change bar appearance to show those ‘half burst shots’? Maybe cross those squares like with “possible damage” vs “iikely damage”?

I’d say wait until WP will be set in stone as many people on this forum, yours truly included, still have doubts in this mechanic. With separate will and stamina, item charges and other ideas still floating around, it might be a bit too early to do the UI pass. Otherwise, I think having “consumable” stats handy is a good idea but at the same time, having too much stuff “floating” above the soldier(HP, armour, AP, WP class icons, etc) might make the screen cluttered and oversaturate the UI overlay. How about leaving only vital stats(HP & armour or maybe even HP only) visible by default with the rest of the context stats displayed on mouse hover for individual soldiers and when Alt is held for the whole squad(and enemies/neutrals, where applicable)?

The solution is simple: always show actual ammo value as opposed to burst count. This will come even more handy if firing modes will be implemented. Pips can stay, maybe with some tweaking to make them leaner([⁞⁞⁞||||||||] instead of [□□□■■■■■■■■] ), large ammo pools can be multi-line or have a numerical multiplier added to the single line( [⁞⁞⁞||||||||] x 3). Selected fire mode ammo consumption can be displayed as pips highlighted in red or something. And, of course, ammo count can always be displayed as numbers. Seriously, there’s nothing scary in a pair of two-digit numbers next to a weapon icon. A pair of numbers (current/total) is a perfect way of displaying the current/max ammo, no one will scream in fear and run away after seeing [18/24] instead of [□■■■].


“Alt” for additional UI is ok for me. The same with pair of two-digit numbers. :wink: Lets hope for those firing modes.