Extra carry weight from 'Resourceful' is applied in combat incorrectly

A soldier with 16 Strength takes Resourceful, ending at 18 Strength and 22 allowed weight out of combat (due to 25% bonus).
In combat the soldier shows only 20 max weight, and loses movement if you go above that.

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Posting Just to say This is True

I am having the save issue, but you get the extra health tho.

Just discovered this. So it’s a bug not yet addressed. One hopes it’s on the near horizon…

It’s still not totally pointless, you get 25% carrying capacity, it’s annoying that you need compute yourself the max weight. And you get the HP bonus even in combat.

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Scratch that I got it backward. You get the 25% not the +2 str. I had to reread the other thread on this.

Perhaps this bug is going under their radar for a fix. Perhaps voting on their Feedback site will help bring it forward - Resourcefulness Talent bugged.

I also reported it 2 weeks Ago by F12. I hope they know it and fix it