Can infiltrator still solo-cleanse lairs?

In the current Derleth version I try using an infiltrator with 100% stealth, but I get revealed notoriously easily, even after using vanish. E.g. tritons see me/ Therefore I cannot even start shooting at the Spawnery (which has a total health of 3600, not 600 as in December) without being attacked.

So has stealth been fixed somehow since December-January? I wonder if those tricks with stealth teams (as posted in Youtube in December) still work. I mean the 100% stealthy infiltrators and the teams of 5 priests with “triple-faced” mutations who mind crash and vanish every turn and restore 10 WP to each other in the next turn.

If you are not using silent weapon you are revealed.

I don’t use anything while trying to sneak in to the Spawnery. Still a triton occured on the way and could see me.

Yes. Now characters are always detected within 5 tiles, even if they have 100% or more stealth.

EDIT: you can still cast Vanish to stay undetected until the end of your turn (to do a melee Sneak Attack, for example).

Does that work also for tritons? When they hide for me? So that i can see invisible tritons if they are 5 or less tiles away?

Their Pain Chameleon skill works similarly to Vanish - normally the Triton will stay hidden until the end of its own turn. However, you can usually detect it on your turn (right after it cast Pain Chameleon) if you are, or if you move very close to it (1-3 tiles?). The exception seems to be when they are on a tile covered by Pandoran mist - then sometimes you can’t detect them even if standing right next to them.

The mysteries of stealth mechanics in Phoenix Point.

At least there is some mystery. Other aspects of the game hardly provide such thing. :smiley:

Not until the end of enemy turn, as previously. This renders the unit to be almost USELESS. E.g. I won’t be able to finish the lair mission even with a few infiltrators (spawnery HP have been boosted tremendously, and now you have to get towards the exit; plus lairs have got easier as I have heard and can be cleared with regular teams without casualties). And a team of 5 priests who would mind crust and vanish each term is no longer viable too. So I made up my mind to restart playing with no emphasis on stealth and priest units. When they fix the bug that DLCs don’t work on Mac OS.

Unless there is STILL a bug that DLCs only work if I UNCHECK them when starting a new game.

They have lots of health yes, but they also have 6 egg pods with low health that each cause like 80 bleed damage. You’d have to get up close to do it, but with a squad baiting the pandorans near the exit and an assault with high speed I was able to go in, shoot 4 or 5 of those eggs and I’m usually able to avoid confrontation on the way back. Then, hold the line until the spawnery bleeds to death and evacuate. The hard part is to either stay away from Chirons range, or find cover, and kill it before sending the assault. My priority at first is to eliminate Terror Sentinels near the spawnery and those Chirons, and bait the Sirens on the main forces. So far it has been a good tactic… but I’m playing on Hero, and I only destroyed like 3 lairs so far. I’m far from an expert on this game.

Good tactic, thanks. And it supports my view that infiltrators now are not worth it. Sadly so, as this makes the game less diverse.

Well, I haven’t tried the stealth mechanic, and it might be faster to clear a path to protect the runner if I don’t have to worry about the terror sentinel panicking the character, or the Chiron target this character. Fewer turns baiting and holding the line is fewer turns open to mistakes and bad RNG. I chose a more Shock and Awe strategy for my squad. And I haven’t played much with other elite characters to have any opinions worth mentioning. This is my first time playing it, and in this playthrough Synedrion is the least friendly faction to Phoenix Point.

No offense, but infiltrators are absolutely worth it. The difference is now you can’t use them for a cheap exploit.


What other use of them have you found? I do not need a special unit for reconnaissance as normally fights last for a few turns. Spamming maps with dozens of spider drones? Too expensive to me.

If you play defensively, decoys and spider drones are very useful to distract Chirons. If you play offensively, Vanish + Sneak Attack is a brutal damage dealer, especially if you have the DLC (because then you can have the Echo Head and the Melee Torso bionics).

If you are into First Turn Striking (killing all the enemies before they had a chance to move), an Assault/Infiltraror with extreme speed and melee bionic torso, wielding a Marduk’s Fist, can clear maps in one turn all by himself using Vanish and Rapid Clearance (I hate First Turn Striking and play with self-imposed constraints to avoid it).

If you want to maximize damage a similar build is heavy/assault with Reckless and/or Close Quarters Specialist + Brawler. It can do 400 damage per hit with Marduk’s Fist, which is enough to kill a regular Scylla in 3 hits (and with Mark for Death from a buddy, in 2). As far as I know, killing a Scylla for 2 APs is something no other class can do.

Thanks. Off-topic: what is the best use of priests now? As the exploit of five stealthy priests with three-faced heads that mind crash and vanish each turn is no longer working, is there any good tactic rather than mind controlling enemies, which requires lots of WP? (In addition to boosting party speed and WP with the head)

Sniper/Infiltrator with Strong Man, Sneak Attack, equipped witch Deceptor, ‘casting’ Quick Aim and Mark for Death (no need for assist).
120 x 12 = 1440 for 2 AP, maybe not enough because of the armor but on the other side Deceptor could shred enough.
And yes, you should go close.

LOL, I meant heavy/infiltrator, not heavy/assault…

Yes, my point was that infiltrator’s Sneak Attack is quite brutal…

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