Help Needed w/ Console Command: add_facility_buff?

For those of you who have console command enabled, there is a command that allows faction’s haven under the cursor on geoscape to boost a facility’s output:


Successful execution of the above command requires three arguments, but I do not know the type nor format of those arguments. I want to use it to boost the food production facilities in all Synedrion havens.

I tried the following without success:

add_facility_buff Synedrion Food 3000
add_facility_buff Synedrion FoodProduction 3000
add_facility_buff Synedrion Food_Production 3000
add_facility_buff Synedrion FoodSupply 3000
add_facility_buff Synedrion Food_Supply 3000

The console does not recognize the 2nd argument (the food part).
In-game console menu hardly has any examples nor explanations on how to use it properly.

If anyone knows the proper use & format of this console command, please post the solution here. Thank you.