Heaven info not displayed in Goespace

Although I have seen the information appear sometimes, most of the time I get nothing on the heavens trading and available soldiers, from the geospace view. I can’t find and obvios option to click it on/off
What am I doing wrong?
I looked in the forums for the topic. If it has been posted before, directing me there would be much appreciated
Thanks for the help!

If you are referring to the icons by havens indicating what they have for trade and/or recruits, if you zoom to far out on the Geoscape, they will disappear. Try zooming in a little bit and they should start showing up.

I’ll try that tonight. I couldn’t figure why I could see them sometimes and sometimes not

Thank you very much!

You probably have skipped tutorial where it was written.

When everything fails, read the instructions

I thought the same thing awhile ago then noticed when I zoomed in they showed up.