Haven Recruit Symbols

As things stand, trawling for the right type of new recruit is becoming as tedious as the old ‘scan planets for stuff’ routine in Mass Effect.

Can I suggest that you replace the little man symbol with the icon of the type of recruit who is available in that Haven. That way, we can tell at a glance what Haven is offering what kind of recruit, rather than having to click on each individual Haven, get pinged back to Base, scroll halfway round the world to click on the next available Haven, rinse and repeat that we’re having to go through now.

By the by, I’m sure this has been reported already, but the Resource and Recruit symbols vanish from the Havens when you cick on a new tab after returning to the Geoscape from a Mission. Since the first thing I do after a Mission is train up my kids, this inevitably means that on top of the usual ‘laboriously search for the right kind of recruit’ grind, I have to memorise which Havens actually showed Recruits in the first place.

It’s a small thing, but it does get old very quickly.

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Zoom in a little bit and they will appear.

OK, thanks

This one is good. But it would go fine along with summary screen with all possible recruits, their class and cost, with links to particular havens. Just as people requested earlier.


Yup. Paradox style spreadsheets!

I wish they’d just show what you can do at havens at all zooms(maybe not furthest ones). The zoom required for trading and recruiting is too close up for my tastes.