Had enough of instability

My first post on here. Have been a backer of PP from the kickstarter campaign and played all games since UFO : Enemy Unknown and even Laser Squad on my Spectrum 48k

After all the upgrades and balancing settled down to finally attempt a complete playthrough. 70+ enjoyable hours in and the latest “update” arrived. Now all my save files come up with file corrupt messages upon loading and suggesting I reimstall or contact support before kicking me out of game.

Don’t want to restart from scratch again so think I’ll uninstall and stop wasting my time, find a stable game to play Game could’ve been great like its predecessors. What a shame.


as it was already explained to me on this forum, they will no longer work on the game’s bugs and just make another game… So there’s nothing to be done about it. Unless you ask people who had a similar problem and they were able to solve it